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The Origins of Russophobia

How do wars begin? Wars begin when politicians lie to journalists and then believe what they have read in the newspapers.

Karl Kraus, Dits et Contredits, 1932

The West will not resist any manipulation to attain its aims…Today many Western historians behave exactly like the papal theologians 1,000 years ago; by dint of rewriting history, with the support of dodgy documents and ‘forgetting’ embarrassing documents, they have been able to rewrite history deleting Russia from European memories just as the theologians did with Byzantium (sic) 600 years before. All you have to do now is shift the blame to the ‘Orientals’. If this succeeds, with the passing of time and the deaths of eyewitnesses, the manoeuvre will attain the same goal: the destruction of the memory of Russia as the liberator from Nazism and the establishment of the myth of an Atlantic liberation of Europe. And the shifting of the blame for the World Wars to Russia, just as the blame for the Great Schism was shifted to Byzantium.

Russia – the West, a Thousand Years of War, Pp 180 and 317-18, Guy Mettan, Edition des Syrtes, 2015

Christian Europe begins where castles and the Gothic style end. Here are the borders of Christendom, dividing Anti-Christian Europe in the West from Christian Europe in the East. These borders and marches, or borderlands (the word ‘Ukraine’ means borderland), also mark the beginning of Russophobia, of the self-justifying hatred of Christ and His Church. However, we should not forget that the borders and borderlands are as much in people’s minds as they are on maps. ‘The West’ is a mental construct; Christ, however, is a free way of life that goes beyond artificial human borders.

Why can today’s Western world, ‘Euroamerica’, not stop hating Russia and believing its own lies about Her? Because, if it were to do so, it would have to renounce 1,000 years of its aggressive expansionism, hypocrisy, jealousy and blatant lying (in other words, all that it boastfully and proudly calls ‘Western culture’). Such ‘culture’ is heavily marked by guilt – because it knows that it is wrong. In other words, in order to renounce 1,000 years of lies, it would have to do the hardest thing of all – to go to confession and repent. Just because the West lost its way in the second millennium, it does not mean that it is too late to repent. However, it is later than the West thinks. Russophobia says a great deal about the West, but very little about Russia.

French Russophobia is philosophical, a self-justification because French civilization and culture are, so the French elite believes, superior to all others and France is the centre of the world.

German Russophobia, whether that of Charlemagne, the Teutonic Knights, Frederick Barbarossa, the Kaiser or Hitler, is deeply racist, based on the desire to grab Slav land, called ‘Lebensraum’.

British Russphobia is based on the imperialist British desire for world supremacy – since Russia stood in its way it therefore had to be slandered and hated.

American Russophobia is based on all three of the above. It is philosophical because it believes that America is superior (‘exceptional’) to all other countries, because Americans are racially ‘better’ as they have ‘freedom and democracy’ and because the destiny of America is to unite the world under its totalitarian control (As George Bush said, ‘God told me to invade Iraq’, although in fact it was his advisors who told him to grab Iraq’s oil and gas with God’s voice).

It is Russophobia that made Western countries call Ivan the Threatening (threatening to his enemies) Ivan ‘the Terrible’, even though contemporary Western rulers like Henry VIII killed ten to twenty times more people, including members of their own families and in the most atrocious tortures (such as by boiling them alive).

It is Russophobia that decided that British imperialists like Palmerston and Disraeli would invent the phrase ‘The Great Game’, totally unknown in Russia, which defined British attempts to destroy Russia. The phrase was, in other words, a mere pretext to justify Victorian British imperialism. Like today’s ‘American exceptionalism’, all the phrase says that normal rules and standards do not apply to it – in the superiority complex of its overweening arrogance it is above judgement, higher than God.

It is Russphobia that decided that the Russians were so backward that they introduced serfdom and kept it till the 1860s. In reality, it was Western rulers like Peter I and the German Catherine II who introduced serfdom (along with absolutism), which it was peacefully abolished before the USA abolished slavery at a cost to it of 620,000 dead in its atrocious civil war. And at that time in Western Europe exploited factory workers and peasants, so overworked that they often died in their 40s, were far more enslaved than ever Russian serfs were.

It is Russophobia that decided that revenge attacks on Jews in the Catholic areas of the Russian Empire (Poland, Lithuania, the Catholic Ukraine or Galicia) would be called ‘pogroms’, when in fact the mass murders of Jews going on in Vienna, Berlin and Paris (remember the Dreyfus Affair) at the same time were ten times worse.

It is Russophobia that made militaristic Prussian Germany start a war against non-militaristic Russia in 1914.

It is Russophobia that decided that made an American journalist invent a form of suicide that he called ‘Russian roulette’, totally unheard of and unknown in Russia.

It is Russophobia that decided Churchill to call Russia ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’. All this phrase meant was that Churchill was extremely ignorant about Russia and even did not want to understand her.

It is Russophobia that made Great Britain and France encourage Hitler and his Pan-European fascist forces to attack and destroy Russia in 1941, just as Great Britain had already encouraged militaristic Japan to destroy Russia in 1904, supplying it with both dreadnoughts and propaganda.

It is Russophobia that made British spies slander and assassinate the peasant-healer Gregory Rasputin in 1917 and then organize the toppling of the legitimate ruler of Russia, Nicholas II, and replace him with the barbaric and satanic serial murdered of four million, the Tartar German Jew, Lenin, and those Non-Russian tyrants who followed him.

It is Russophobia that made the West invade and occupy Western Europe in June 1944, eleven months before Russian troops liberated Berlin, so preventing Russia liberating all of Europe from the Fascist yoke. Little wonder that De Gaulle refused to remember D-Day as anything other than the humiliation and occupation of France.

It is Russophobia that decided that the Western left would treat Russia as Fascist and the Western right would treat Russia as Communist. So Russia would be a scapegoat and a bogeyman for all Western ills at one and the same time.

It is Russophobia that decided that Russians are drunkards, mafioso criminals, cruel, despotic, uncivilized and simply barbaric. Apparently, the history of the Western Crusades, Inquisitions and Middle Ages, its colonial genocides and exploitation in Latin America, North America, Asia, Oceania and Africa, two World Wars, the invention of Communism (and its export to Russia and elsewhere) and of Nazism, of concentration camps and the atomic bomb, of weapons of mass destruction invented solely by the West, prove that the West is sober, honest, kind, democratic, civilized and simply holy.

Russia has repelled the almost continuous multinational Western invasions of its territory, four times between 1812 and 1941 alone. It has saved Europe from the multinational European armies of Napoleon, freeing Paris with its troops in 1814, and from the multinational European armies of Hitler, freeing Berlin with its troops in 1945. Now it has to save Europe from itself again. This time salvation will not be military, but spiritual and moral, it has to fight for the salvation of the West from Eurosodom and Gomorrhica, from the perverted results of perverted ex-Catholicism and ex-Protestantism.

The East of England Orthodox Church


The 500 million people and 28 nations of the European Union are divided into almost 100 regions, each representing an average population of five million. England is divided into nine such regions, the easternmost one of which is called the East of England. This is composed of six historic counties, three in the eastern half, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, and three in the western half: Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

The East of England Orthodox Church is simply the name of the local charitable trust of ROCOR which runs one large parish church in Colchester in Essex and soon, God willing, a small second one in Norwich in Norfolk. God willing, we hope one day to set up other churches to cover not just the official region, but others that are more generally in the eastern half of England, which includes such vital sites of English holiness and history as St Albans, Canterbury and York.

Our hope is to be able to open public-access churches in the major cities and towns which would serve all the many nationalities who adhere to the Russian Orthodox Faith. This means all those that use the Orthodox calendar, use various languages, though principally Slavonic and English, have an iconostasis, do not abbreviate or otherwise tamper with the services and have confession before communion. Our desire is to be a home for all Orthodox who follow the Tradition; we do not believe in some sort of ‘Anglicanism with icons’ or manmade ‘Halfodoxy’ or ‘Anglodoxy’, such as can sadly be found in certain parts of the Diaspora.

The Past and Present

Our priestly service started in Felixstowe in Suffolk eighteen years ago in 1997. We dedicated our efforts to the two local saints, to St Felix (+ 647), the Apostle of East Anglia and the founder of the town of Felixstowe, which is named after his monastery, and to St Edmund, the first Patron Saint of England (+ 869). Eleven years passed with nothing to show for our efforts except perseverance and patience amid complete lack of support. Instead of giving up the struggle, we survived. God was testing us.

Thanks to Divine Providence, in 2008 the parish moved to the much more suitable location and our own premises in Colchester. In fact we have been told that this is the largest Russian Orthodox church building in Western Europe. This is appropriately dedicated to St John of Shanghai, the Apostle of the Diaspora. If it is God’s Will, at the end of this year we hope to open a small parish in Norwich. This will be dedicated to St Alexander Nevsky, who represents both our links with the North (Norwich means the north market or north town) and also our spiritual resistance both to the Materialism of the West and to the Islamism of the East.

The Possible Future

As that community becomes a parish and stands on its own feet, it will become independent and have its own trust and look after itself. And the sooner the better. For the East of England Orthodox Church Trust is merely a channel, an instrument, a catalyst, a path, a means; not a possession or an empire or an end. Our hope is to make a small and modest contribution to our vision of thirty years – to be a small building block in the great hope, in the foundation of a multinational and multilingual Russian Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe, for which we have worked and which we have urged for thirty years.

If it were possible, and, true, here we are in the realms of the humanly impossible, we would one day like to see Russian Orthodox parishes with our own buildings in:

Cambridgeshire (but covering part of Bedfordshire too): a church in Cambridge, dedicated as a seat of spiritual learning to The Three Holy Hierarchs; a church in Peterborough (where there is a large Eastern European population), dedicated to its patrons St Peter and St Paul.

Hertfordshire (but covering part of Bedfordshire too): a church in St Albans, dedicated to its patron St Alban. Or perhaps just outside this city there could be a Russian Orthodox monastery, which is so desperately needed in this country, and dedicated to the Holy Martyr Alban.

Then, outside the strict territory of the East of England region, but still in the eastern half of England, in:

East London, a church dedicated to St George, the second patron saint of England.

Kent: a church in Canterbury, dedicated to the Apostle of the English, St Gregory the Great (the Dialogist).

Lincolnshire: in Lincoln, a church dedicated (as there are so many saints there) to All Saints.

Yorkshire: in York, a church dedicated to St Constantine, who was proclaimed Emperor in York, and to his mother St Helen.

Conclusion: Dream or Vision?

How much would such a vision cost? Millions of pounds; perhaps anything between £1,000,000 and £5,000,000. Surely then, this is all just a dream? And a dream is merely human and we do not waste our time and energy on dreams. However, a vision, although also human, requires the grace of God to come true. May we unworthy become worthy of a small drop of grace so that our vision may come true and not be a mere vain human dream.

Greece: Towards a Europe of Free Nations

Yesterday I spoke at length over lunch to the Chancellor so that I could explain to him my new Europe, that is to say, the camouflage for our determination to gain power. The Central European Empire of the German nation. The system of entanglements, of corporate rules; the German Empire, a limited corporation in which Prussia is the main shareholder…That is why we must create a Confederation of States around the German Empire… We do not even need to talk of annexation to the central power. If we implement the European idea to its logical conclusion, it will lead to such a result…

Kurt Riezler, speaking to the Prussian militarist ideologue and Chancellor, Bethmann Hollweg, almost exactly 100 years ago on 15 April 1915.

The EU elite imposed the euro almost everywhere on its subject countries without popular consent. Now has come the time of reckoning. The Greek government has in effect allowed its people to vote on whether they wish to continue to be intimidated and humiliated by the EU, or whether they wish to choose freedom. Following the advice of Mt Athos, they have chosen freedom. However, it could be that Greece will still not be allowed freedom. But this could also be the beginning of the unravelling of the Fourth Reich, which has been so painstakingly and cunningly constructed ever since the end of the Third Reich.

It could be that Greece will show the way even to poor, deluded vassal Britain. It could be that other countries in Eastern and Southern Europe, from Latvia to Estonia, from Lithuania to Slovakia, from Hungary to Bulgaria, from Romania to Italy, from Spain to Portugal, will also choose democracy and turn their backs on the bullying feudal masters in Northern Europe. It could be that Greece will choose to join the Eurasian Economic Union, freeing itself from EU tyranny. All is still possible. Now is the time to pray that Greece will repent and find its soul once again. Because if it does not, it will find itself on the side of Antichrist in the great and coming battle. And so will we.