The Post-Soviet State and Holy Rus

Russian people have ceased to understand what Rus is;
it is the footstool of the throne of the Lord.
St John of Kronstadt

Introduction: Protection

On 17 July 2014, the 96th anniversary of the entry into heaven of the Russian Royal Family, on orders from Washington an attempt was made by two Kiev junta fighters to shoot down the aeroplane of President Putin, which was then flying over the eastern Ukraine. They failed, mistaking a Malaysian Airlines jet for his plane. They had tragically murdered nearly 300 innocent people on board Flight MH17, a foretaste of the thousands and thousands of Ukrainian citizens the CIA-installed junta was about to murder. What did all this mean?

It meant that the repentant President Putin, once a lowly KGB operative and today a politician who grew up in the Soviet era, is being protected. We know that if the dark forces which control the Western world have their way, there will be a war, a war such as the world has never seen, the Last War. Whatever we may think of President Putin, and he is supported by most Orthodox though only as a lesser evil, it is clear that at present power in the Russian Federation has to pass through him in order to get where we want to get. And where is that?

The Real

Today, a majority of Russian Orthodox still live in a post-Soviet State, not in Orthodox Rus, let alone Holy Rus. True, unlike in the West, at least the direction which the Russian Federation has taken is right. But there is very far to go in a country where fewer than 5% of people really practise Orthodoxy. How and when will we know when the post-Soviet State and its post-Soviet people have become more than nominal Russian Orthodox, that they have become an Orthodox people living in an Orthodox State? It is:

When abortion hardly exists. Although the abortion rate in the Russian Federation has gone down nearly sevenfold in the last twenty-five years since the fall of the atheist Soviet State, it is still nearly double even the very high rates of Western countries like the UK and France.
When corruption stops everywhere. For example, we know that at least one half of a per cent of British police are corrupt and that percentage is higher in countries like France and Italy, but the percentage of Russian police who are corrupt is much higher. We know that in the UK, for instance, there is a large amount of corruption in the political and business world, not least through freemasonry and other ‘clubs’. But what of government officials, businessmen and tradesmen in Russia? Corruption among them is rife. If they were real Orthodox and not nominal Orthodox, as many are, they would not be corrupt.

When alcoholism falls well below the high Western levels.

When divorce hardly exists, falling well below the high Western levels.

When Orthodoxy ceases to be a mere ideological excuse swapped for Communist ideology.

When the statues and place named after the blood-sucking Lenin (together with his mouldering corpse), Stalin and their henchmen have all disappeared.
When the Russian State stops adopting and imitating Western laws and its people stop imitating Western dress.

When there are no more Russian internet brides because Russian women want to stay in Russia.

When health and education in the Russian Federation are largely Church-run.
When the handicapped in the Russian Federation are looked after and respected.

When 100,000 churches have been built and are open, that is, triple the present number.

When people stop substituting mere Russian nationalism and its imperialistic centralization for the multinational idea of Rus and so large-scale missionary work takes place outside the lands traditionally associated with Rus and Rus becomes truly global.

When people understand that if Russia is ever to be the Third Rome, it must also be the Second Jerusalem.

How long will all this take? It took three generations to destroy even pre-Revolutionary Russia. Will it then take three generations, that is two more generations, to reach what is better than that? And it must be better, for if we return only to that, there will simply be another Revolution.

The Ideal

If all the above has been done, and it is a colossal and unlikely IF on which the future of the whole planet depends, then the people will at least be ready for the restoration of a real Tsar, to whom the Mother of God will return the power entrusted to Her on 2 March 1917, after the Russian people had fallen into apostasy and rejected their God-anointed Tsar.

Then will be fulfilled the prophecy of Elder Philotheus that all Orthodox will gather round and join the Centre of the Orthosphere, one eighth of the world, the Tsardom of Rus. It is already clear that even now the Orthodox who are the most devout are closest to Rus and the Church and Patriarch of Rus. This has nothing to do with some sort of nationalism, as some misunderstand, it is to do with faithfulness to the Incarnational ideals of (Orthodox) Christianity. Those who have lapsed by calendar or custom, allowing themselves to become worldly, Westernized or Catholicized and tried to make the Church into a mere intellectual speculation through their ‘theology’, stand furthest away from Rus, even denying Her, apostate Russians among them.

But those who have kept faithfulness to Orthodoxy, in Jerusalem and on Mt Athos, in the Churches of Serbia, Poland, Georgia and in many places elsewhere throughout the world, from Alaska to Australia, from Argentina to Austria, are closest to Rus. Russian Orthodox Civilization and those of all nationalities who are allied with this, can alone bring Christ to a world that has fallen away and not be conquered by it, falling away from piety into indifference. Geographically, Rus is everywhere, all over the planet, wherever there is faithfulness to the Church of Christ, wherever there is spiritual victory over Satan.

In the early 1970s sectarian ROCOR emigres in London misinformed me that Tsar Nicholas was merely a symbol of their narrow Russian nationalism. At the same time anti-ROCOR Russian emigres in Oxford misinformed me that Tsar Nicholas had been a bad Tsar and that they had been happy to overthrow him. However, in 1976, on learning that I was Russian Orthodox, a Romanian Orthodox nun whispered to me that all the difficulties of her country were due to the fact that Russians had overthrown the Tsar of all the Orthodox. She was right; Russian irresponsibility and apostasy has led to every single disaster in the Orthodox world since then. Now it is time to be responsible again, to free what has been enslaved and restore what has been lost, to return to the Father’s house, ‘the footstool of the throne of the Lord’.


As Russian Orthodox, our ideal has always been and will always be Holy Rus, that is, the Gospel incarnate as the life in Christ, heaven on earth. Whenever the vision of the life in Christ incarnate, Holy Rus, has been lost, the way has been lost. This was the case outside the territory of the former Russian Empire, for example, among politicized and nationalistic members of the Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) who had misunderstood and thought that our enemy (militant atheism) was their enemy (but the CIA enemy was actually Holy Rus itself, as they have now declared). It was also the case inside the territory of the former Russian Empire, for example, in the pre-Revolutionary Russian Empire itself, where the elite was mainly corrupted, in the atheist-run Soviet Union and its corrupt appointees among Church ‘representatives’ including outside Russia, or in the present-day Russian Federation among the nominal and nationalistic who confuse the Church with Stalin.

In ROCOR, the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus, a Carpatho-Russian from the foothills of the Carpathians in Slovakia, constantly spoke of ‘the purity of Holy Orthodoxy’ and ‘our ideals of Holy Rus’. It is our task to present to the world those ideals which he preached and lived and which we share. In Fatima in 1917 the Mother of God called on the Western world to repent for the evil of Western atheism that it had spread to Russia. The West did not listen then and mostly has not been listening since. However, in the face of current events, in by far the most dangerous situation the world has seen since 1962, when the USA admitted defeat and withdrew its nuclear missiles from near Soviet borders in Turkey and the Soviet Union did likewise in Cuba, at least some in the Western world may at last be listening.