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Our Role and Destiny As

…Faithful Orthodox

Since the Western elite had successfully neutralized the vestiges of Christianity in the West, deforming them into self-justification for its planetary greed and insatiable ambition, it next had to neutralize the Church. This was the spiritual meaning of the twentieth century. Thus, after the Western-orchestrated overthrow of the legitimate Russian government in 1917, an example of Western regime-change long before the more recent, well-rehearsed example in Kiev in 2014, the West set about dividing the Orthodox Church by establishing ‘Halfodoxy’ and persecuting us through atheistic Communism and atheistic Nazism. It need to devise and impose a religion in which the sacred had become secular, a Halfodoxy so secularized that it would be indistinguishable in its essence from modern Catholicism and Protestantism.

Through the soft and impoverished underbelly of the Church in Constantinople, Western agents, first British, then American, began to implement their time-worn policy of divide and rule. From there they moved step by step to the Balkans and the Middle East, little by little crushing resistance. In this way, it invented the myth of two Orthodoxies, one spiritually and morally compromised, new calendarist, masonic and modernistic, which it unfairly and libellously dubbed ‘Greek Orthodoxy’, and the other, faithful to the Orthodox Tradition, whose bastion is in Russia, for long inaccessible to the West, ironically protected by militant atheism. That did not prevent them from perverting Russian Orthodoxy on the fringes, among Westernized Russian emigres, corrupt individuals and politicized nationalists of all origins.

…Members of the Church Outside Russia

During the captivity of the Church inside Russia, unlike the politicized Pharisees who condemned and condemn the repentance of the fallen and forgiveness for them, the faithful of the Church Outside Russia, ROCOR, fulfilled our role and destiny of loyalty to the whole Russian Church. We waited for freedom inside Russia, so that we could play our role in the greater destiny of the whole Russian Church. When the faithful inside Russia had been taken hostage and underwent persecution from atheists and their spiritual twins the renovationists, we witnessed in freedom and in many languages, fighting for Christ spiritually against compromises and treachery. This meant isolation, mockery and even excommunication from those who had given themselves up to the spirit of this world, but we carried on despite them.

Now that the Church inside Russia is free, we can witness to Russian Orthodoxy worldwide, together with local representatives of the Church inside Russia. It means that at last we have a voice strong enough to make contact with those outside Russia who are our allies, an opening to those who have seen through the millennial Western myths, both those on high and among the humble. No longer can we be dismissed by the propaganda of the enemies of Christ as ‘schismatic’, ‘reactionary’ and ‘a tiny group of foreign immigrants who are dying out’. Such enemies now have to recognize us as a force to be reckoned with. From Europe to South-East Asia, from Australia to Latin America, from North America to Indonesia, ‘we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and into the Greeks foolishness (I Cor 1, 23).

…Orthodox Living in the Contemporary West

Today the neocons in Washington say like the post-Protestants they are, ‘as we are all saved but you are going to hell anyway, therefore we can destroy you’. Thus, they fantasize about launching a nuclear war against Russia and, in the words of one Nazi-sympathizing US general, ‘killing Russians’. Not only has Washington declared war on Russia, but so has its puppet elite in several EU and other countries, all fanatical vassals of the neocons. However, not all Europeans by far agree with the neocon elites. There are still patriotic Europeans who seek Christ and oppose the aggressive and hubristic anti-Christian Western elite. They look to a Europe which does not invade other countries and start wars, but only fights to defend itself and others against Western aggression and opposes Eurosodom. That Europe is called Russia.

In this sense, ‘Russia’ is not a country or a state or a nationality, but a spirit and a civilization, indeed, the centre of Orthodox Christian civilization. This is the centre which after a generation is raising itself up from the ruination of Western-imposed materialism into the alternative Europe, the Europe which is opposed to the post-Christian world and its anti-values. And that and that alone is why the neocons have declared war on the Church of God. They have declared war on those who love Christ and therefore propose a unity different from theirs, a Eurasian unity from Lisbon to Vladivostok, a unity of sovereignty and freedom, a unity in Christ. The neocons created an ‘Arab Spring’, a movement of terror, bloodshed and destruction. We propose a ‘European Spring’, a Spring of Christianity and Civilization.