Daily Archives: July 11, 2013

The White Ideals of ROCOR

In 1917 Russia was taken over by those who blasphemously wanted Christianity without Christ, Eden without God. Thus, they deformed the Third Rome into the Third International, creating Communism under the American Trotsky and others who in Switzerland and Great Britain had also been free to develop their poison. They thought that this was the correct path for Russia. In fact, they had been deceived into bringing Russia under the heel of international occult forces which wanted to destroy it as a spiritually independent entity and as the only spiritual force in the world which was restraining the coming of their Antichrist.

Thus, after 1917 the consciously Orthodox White emigration left their occupied homeland with three ideals. These were: The Faith, the Tsar and Rus. The Non-Christian, and therefore in fact, the Non-White, Russian emigration distorted these ideals into folklore, capitalist ideology and nationalism. However, the conscious part of the Orthodox White emigration knew better. It knew that Faith means uncompromised Orthodoxy – the Orthodoxy of the Tradition of the Holy Spirit, of the Body of Christ, of the Church of God. It knew that the Tsar means the Sovereign Power of the Lord’s Anointed above all the human invention of the sordid worldly politics of left and right. And it knew that Rus means all nations, the whole redeemable part of the world, that which is prepared to be baptised into Christ in the Orthodox context.

These three ideals have guided the White emigration, to which all ROCOR spiritually belongs, through five generations. Although in that time some have fallen away, all those who spiritually belong to the Church have remained faithful to ROCOR. Thus, the Orthodox Faith has remained integral, without compromise and with a worldwide mission; the Tsar remains an ideal for restoration in the future, perhaps not so far away now; as the ability to speak and write Russian language has been lost, Rus has come to mean what is best in the cultures of the whole world, transfigured by the vital ingredient of the Orthodox Christ.