Who will be saved?

Q: Who will be saved?

A: This question is dangerous as it may contain the pride of the pharisee. Really we should not even be asking it. It may imply that somehow we want to take on God’s role as Judge of the Universe. The only valid question we may ask is: Will I be saved? Salvation is personal. And our own salvation is the only thing that we can do anything about.

The fact is that no external label can save us: Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical or whatever. God is the only Knower of hearts, for only He knows what truly is in our heart and He judges by that.

Some people will tell you, for example, that cradle Orthodox (an absurd term invented by converts with an inferiority complex) will be saved. This is also absurd. Stalin was a ‘cradle Orthodox’ (and also an expelled seminarian). Arius and Nestorius were ‘cradle Orthodox’ (and also had clerical rank). The fact we are baptised as babies makes no difference. What is important is that we were brought up as Orthodox and then, above all, remain Orthodox. (Quite a few priest’s children were brought up as Orthodox but do not remain in the Church, including many priest’s children who became infamous Bolsheviks and persecuted the Church in Soviet Russia).

Moreover, the Mother of God and the apostles were not ‘cradle’ Orthodox!  They were ‘converts! But they are saints. And here we come to the key point. When you are depressed by various clerical scandals, always remember what is vital: Follow the saints! We know that the saints have been are saved. This has been revealed to us. The rest is speculation. Forget it.