The Ukraine: Freedom from NATO tanks and the EU?

The hoodlums who have illegitimately seized power in Kiev now realize that they are bankrupt. They want money. Russia is playing a waiting game to see if they are competent enough to sort things out and can survive till May, that is, till democratic elections which will replace them can happen. Timoshenko, who is on the Interpol wanted list for corruption (she was even worse than Yanukovich) has fled to Germany. So no-one is in control. The Crimeans have taken control of themselves and pushed out the Fascists appointed by the gangsters who have seized power in Kiev. More worryingly, Poland, a NATO country, has sent its tanks to the Ukrainian border. They will not pass.

Two US warships have been off Sochi for the last month, but one got grounded on a sandbank. That is why Russia has sent a warship to Cuba in reply, to show that they cannot be pushed around. There is discontent among the mob in Kiev because the US government, having achieved its aim, wants to stop paying them (apparently $20 million a week over the last three months). The US problem is that it thinks that it can take over a country by appointing a small pro-American dictatorial clique in the capital, as it did in countless Latin American countries and then Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia (only for a few months in the latter case). But when you try and take over a country, you have to get all the people, not just 15% of them in Eastern Poland, on your side.

Surely the days of the NATO-backed, Fascist junta that has seized power in Kiev are numbered. Bankruptcy stares them in the face. As the people of Kharkov spontaneously tear down the oppressive EU flag and replace it with the Russian flag, as the people of Crimea rise up and take control of their own land and installations, as the people of the Donbass simply ignore instructions from the Neo-Nazis in Kiev, as the people of Transcarpathia search for autonomy from seventy-years of oppression from Kiev, as the people of Pochaev and Kiev protect their monasteries from beardless Catholic aggressors, the Galician Eurocriminals tremble. It has been said that at Easter President Putin will ride into Kiev on a white horse to be greeted as a liberator by the oppressed people. With 68% of Russians supporting him in opinion polls, he has nothing to fear.

The only question is if the disaster that the EU has prepared for itself in the Ukraine will not be repeated elsewhere in Europe. At the European elections in May the UK and France may well reject all pro-EU parties. Similar hostility to EU oppression can be seen in virtually every other country whose corrupt and bribed elites have bound them to the EU Fourth Reich. In London the German Fuehrerin may lecture zombified and spineless, public schoolboy, pro-Munich British Establishment politicians about what they can and cannot do, but she has forgotten the people. We are still free and we can do what we want.