The Ukraine Chooses Freedom

The Ukrainian government today decided to suspend the signing of an association agreement with the European Union. Instead, the decision was made to study and work out measures to recover lost production volumes and directions of trade and economic relations with Russia and other member states of the Eurasian Union: ‘With a view to protecting and enhancing the economic potential of the State, active dialogue should be resumed with Russia and other members of the Customs Union and CIS countries to revive economic and trade relations’, said a spokesman. As a condition of the association agreement, the EU had demanded the release of the former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, the pro-American puppet who was imprisoned for corruption.

The decision followed an open letter addressed to President Viktor Yanukovich by Orthodox citizens of the Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan, warning him that the Ukraine faced a choice between light and darkness, Christ and Antichrist. By associating itself or integrating with the EU, the Ukraine would enslave itself, as have Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. In its new slavery, the Ukraine would lose its cultural roots in Christian civilisation, betraying this unique faith for the mess of secularist pottage offered by the US-backed EU, which the authors of the letter called ‘Eurosodom’.

They noted that supporters of the EU were the spiritual descendants of Catholicised and Polonised ‘Ukrainians’ (= border-dwellers) in the extreme west of the Ukraine, who had persecuted the Carpatho-Russians during the First World War and fought with the Nazi SS in the Second World War. The authors also noted the anti-Christian nature and practices of the EU with its secularist policies and open support for bandits in Syria and the Middle East, who were intent on the genocide of Christians there, and its persecution of the remaining Christians in Western Europe. The authors considered the possibility of the Ukraine associating itself with the EU as a new Unia and a new betrayal of millennial Orthodox Christianity, the Holy Rus that began with St Vladimir in Kiev 1025 years ago.