The Recrucifixion of Christ in the Middle East

‘Again we pray for the suffering Syrian Orthodox people, for the salvation and preservation of their holy places and the lives of our brethren in Syria and the whole Middle East’.

Litany used in Russian Orthodox Churches

The USA, the world’s only Superpower and officially its largest Christian country, is presiding over and encouraging a brutal regional war in the Middle East. This was triggered, just as was predicted at the time, by shameless lies which were used to justify its destabilising war against Iraq ten years ago. That war, caused by Western armies, was supposed to bring ‘freedom and democracy’, but to the Christian presence, which had survived 1700 years of foreign oppression, they brought an end – in massacre, oppression and exile.

Although the present regional war is between Shia, Sunni and secular Muslims, its main victims are everywhere Christians. Present in the Middle East long before both Muslim and Western invaders, these natives have been driven out of their own countries, not only out of Syria as out of Iraq before it, but also out of Egypt, in their millions. The Christians who remain are being massacred and their churches desecrated in their hundreds. In Syria one of the last three towns where Aramaic, the language of Christ, is spoken, is being destroyed.

Little wonder that Archbishop Chrysostom of Cyprus has called for intervention to support the forces of the President of Syria against the terrorists and their chemical weapons. And yet tens of thousands of these armed foreign mercenaries, many of them belonging to the CIA-founded Al-Qaida, are being trained by Western special forces in camps in the Jordan and Turkey. Moreover, many are being paid $1200 a month by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the closest allies of the USA, to bring murder, rape and destruction to Syria.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, members of the US puppet government, for whose establishment so many heroic servicemen, both American and of other nationalities, died or were maimed, are calling for anyone who becomes a Christian to be hanged. Little wonder that some affirm that it is true that the President of the USA is indeed a Muslim. How else can we explain the anti-Christian attitude of the US administration, as it finances, organises and encourages today’s genocide of Christians in the Middle East, this Recrucifixion of Christ?