The Mystery of Iniquity

The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.

Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary, August 1914

On 15 May 1014 the filioque error was for the first time proclaimed in the seat of the Western Patriarchate in Rome, as it was ever after to be proclaimed. This act of spiritual impurity was due to the loss of the Holy Spirit. Forty years in 1054 this act was to condemn the Western world to spiritual captivity, a future outside the Church of Christ the God-man. This loss of spiritual freedom meant that the Faith had become a mere institutional religion. And, in due course, 900 years later, in 1914, Western Europe set out on its final act of suicide. And in 2014 the ever-aggressive and ever-covetous West yet again invaded the Russian Lands (the fifth time in just over 200 years), once more choosing the route via Kiev as in earlier times.

Indeed, ever since 1914 the world has not known peace, nothing has been the same again. 1914 reminds us of Noah’s Flood, but this time it has not been a Flood of Water, but a Flood of Iniquity. The world has indeed been turned upside down, all has become abnormal in an ever-increasing spiral of violence and death. What was normal and natural is now abnormal and unnatural, what was abnormal and unnatural is now normal and natural. What happened? Why has there been no peace ever since? Why has evil spread without ceasing? Why have the flood waters not receded? Why has the dove that has gone forth from the Ark found no resting-place?

The waters of the Flood have not gone back because in 1918 the last true Christian Emperor, he who restrained iniquity, was finally removed, like a lamb to the slaughter. The Emperor, or Tsar, of by far the world’s largest country was murdered by evil men on the orders of evil men. Already, nearly two centuries ago, one of Russia’s enemies had written that: ‘No revolution in Europe or anywhere in the world can altogether attain its aims as long as the present Russian State exists’ (1). Thus was fulfilled the prophecy: ‘For the mystery of iniquity is already at work; only he who now restrains it will do so until he is removed (2 Thess 2, 7).

The Universal Protector, the Orthodox Christian Consciousness, guided by the restraining Holy Spirit, he who canonized the Universal Prophet Seraphim, he who wanted to restore the Patriarchate in Russia but whose offer was rejected by the unready and unvisionary, he who gifted so much to every Orthodox people, he who protected the outraged peoples of the world, the Boers, the Tibetans, the Thais, the Ethiopians, the Armenians, the Carpatho-Russians, he who, mocked, proposed World Peace and disarmament, he who built thousands of churches and monasteries, including seventeen magnificent houses of God in Western Europe and another in New York, was removed by ‘treason, cowardice and deceit’.

Why have the waters not receded? Because there has not been repentance by all, for all betrayed him. The Non-Orthodox who removed him and ordered his slaying, British, French, Germans, Americans together with traitors in Eastern Europe and Russia who refused to fight for the Tsar, have not repented and continue and even justify their deviations and deviance. The Non-Russian Orthodox who have since surrendered to the bribes and blackmail of Western politicians and have taken advantage to plot against the peace and unity of the Church because the Emperor is no longer there to restrain them, intriguing behind his back as it were, have not repented and continue and even justify their deviations and deviance. And those who accepted and accept his removal, without resisting, unfaithful and apostate Russians, have not repented and continue and even justify their deviations and deviance. And the Flood will not recede until repentance.

When will we know that they have repented? When they are ready to accept the new Christian Orthodox Emperor, who will be appointed by Divine Providence, and will wholeheartedly obey him. And most are still far from that, their hearts filled with spiritual impurity and their minds clouded by foolishness, by the education of the beast, not by the education of the heart, not by spiritual intelligence, by deeper understanding, by the incarnate ideals of the Church. Their minds are clouded by petty, narrow, anti-universal nationalism or else by the idolatrous universal consumerism of the Western golden calf. Most today want the unity of Babel, of apostasy, of material things, they want the unity of iniquity; but what we want is unity in Christ, the unity of the Church, diverse in language and custom, but united in spirit and soul and heart, united by the same desires and aims, a universal Christian Orthodox consciousness, the ideals of Holy Rus. And this is what we have struggled for, are struggling for and will always struggle for – until Kingdom come.

1. Friedrich Engels in ‘Karl Marx and the Revolutionary Movement in Russia’, Moscow 1933, p. 15