The Battle for the Liberation of England from Britain Continues

So Mr Cameron, a former PR executive, returns to London waving a piece of paper (shades of Mr Chamberlain in September 1938?) claiming that he has achieved a ‘reformed EU’. In reality, the EU has not been reformed at all (its US owners will certainly not allow it), it is exactly the same as ever. All that Mr Cameron has is a few minor proposals, yet to be approved by 27 Parliaments and the EU Parliament, for some minor, insular tinkering to accommodate his PR exercise.

But Mr Cameron has won a victory against the EU Fourth Reich, so he says. Now the UK will not leave the EU. More importantly, Mr Obama (that is, the neocon Establishment, NATO and the EU) is against it anyway. As is Mrs Merkel, the Jesuit Pope, British multinationals, the City of London and the whole Anglican establishment. As for the people of England, the ‘plebs’, who cares about them anyway? They are simpletons to be zombified with junk food and soap operas, cheap alcohol and a closely-controlled tabloid media, bread and circuses.

When will England be freed? Many think with regret that it will not be until the Second Coming. Only then will the myth of Britain, invented by Imperialist Romans in the first century, renewed by the Imperialist Normans in the eleventh century and renewed by the Imperialist Hanoverians and their successors in the eighteenth century (‘Britain will always, always, always make you slaves’), be dissolved. Only then will the Occupation of Britain that began in 1066 end.

This year, a group of us English Orthodox patriots will gather at Battle Abbey on 27 October 2016, the 950th anniversary of the so-called Battle of ‘Hastings’, to commemorate those who fell in the defence of Eternal England against the invaders of the Bastard in 1066. Some may think that after such a long time, we should not bother. What they have forgotten is that the English did not lose that Battle. Indeed, the Battle is not yet over. Our England is still a sovereign nation, yes, crushed beneath the corpses of the Battle, but not yet dead.

As for Mr Cameron, the epitome of the anti-English, homosexual-marriage British Establishment, that is, the descendant of Scots, Jewish merchants and those who made their fortune from slave trading, for which he refuses to apologize, we will leave him to his PR fantasies and buffoonery. And instead we shall turn to the English hero, St Alfred, the only one called the Great, and we shall pray and sing that our bondage might end and for the inevitable victory of sovereignty to come:

Today the wise Alfred glorifies the White Christ among his faithful people and so builds a House of Wisdom. Therein he puts to shame all the heathen, showing the Cross to be the greatest weapon of kings against all enemies. Pray for us, O righteous one, and build a House of Wisdom among us today that there we may glorify the White Christ anew. For this great battle standard has appeared for our sakes and for our salvation.

Kontakion of the Righteous King Alfred, Tone II