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Freedom from the Galician Junta

One of the first acts of the self-appointed Galician Junta currently in power in Kiev was to ban the language used in everyday life by 83% of the citizens of the Ukraine – Russian. The Junta, put in place by US and EU meddlers is upheld by gangs of NATO-trained and dollar-paid Uniat and nationalist bat-wielding thugs (http://ruskline.ru/opp/2014/02/25/ kak_nato_gotovilo_ukrainskih_boevikov dlya_cvetnyh_gosperevorotov obshirnye_ fotomaterialy/). Roaming the streets and intimidating peaceful citizens, they have been seen as far south as Lugansk, offering piles of US dollars to any who support them. So much for Euroterrorism and Eurofascism, the new Western Crusade with its new Teutonic Knights, sent by the US-controlled Berlin and the Berlin-controlled EU.

The only good thing about this Crusade is that it is going to make people think whose side they are on, whether they are in the OCA, the Paris Jurisdiction, the US-funded Patriarchate of Constantinople, or simply stray ecumenists, freemasons and careerists elsewhere. In the Ukraine the filioquist EU project can now be seen by all for what it is. There are no more excuses. As Orthodox people gather in the Orthodox Ukraine to protect the great monasteries in Kiev and Pochaev, just as they gathered before to protect them in Communist times, so now in Capitalist times, and Orthodox troops gather on the borders of the Ukraine, listening to the people of the Ukraine who call on them to liberate them from the Galician Uniat Junta in Kiev, we all get down on our knees to pray.