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A Unique Opportunity

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Matt. 10,34

In its hubris the Western world, Euroamerica, has most foolishly been destroying its own power base. Having carefully taken over Eastern Europe, including Non-Catholic/Protestant Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria, not to mention bombing Serbia and trying to operate coups d’etat in Georgia and now Moldova, Macedonia and Armenia, it has had mixed success. It has tried to prise the present territory of the Ukraine, inhabited by 80% of Russian speakers, from its national and historical identity through a violent coup d’etat, installing a corrupt puppet regime there and then starting a bloody civil war.

Now Euroamerica has set Greece against it by bankrupting its people and humiliating them. Backed by their spiritual leaders on Mt Athos, the Greek people have staged a democratic revolt against its feudal Western leaders. They want freedom. And the only way of obtaining freedom, whether in the Ukraine or in Greece, is by allying themselves with the Russian Federation and so the Eurasian Economic Union and BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. For it is these countries which have now set up their own International Bank against the Western run IMF and also rejected universal sodomy as preached by the Western freemasons.

In other words, we may now be seeing the end of the EU Fourth Reich, the end of post-Cold War US hegemony and its promotion of sodomy. The US and the EU between them have thrown both the Ukraine and Greece into the arms of the only country in the world that can recreate the only Christian Empire, which the West firstly overthrew in New Rome in 1204 (which led directly to its final fall in 1453) and secondly overthrew in the Third Rome in 1917. The West did not expect the Christian Roman Empire to make a comeback; the resurgence of the Third and Final Rome was not part of the pagan Western script.

The pagan Western script said that after the fall of Communism, Russians would become so Westernized, so zombified by bread and circus consumerism, that they would give up their Christian Civilization. Therefore, pro-Western bandits, disguised under the names of privatizers and oligarchs, would steal the riches of the country and its drunkard President would ensure its penetration by Protestant robot-missionaries, freemasons and ‘Non-Governmental Organizations’ (= CIA fronts). As for Greece, in decadence ever since the Western overthrow of the Christian Empire in 1917, it was already falling like a ripe fruit, showing the way to the fall of Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and the other fringes of the Christian world.

However, the pagan Western script failed to take into account the sword of the monasteries, the parish clergy, the people and their Faith. Yes, it is possible to install pro-Western patriarchs, metropolitans, archbishops and bishops, oiled with sufficient sums of money, false diplomas, new palaces and flash cars, shave their beards and dress them as fallen Christians, but the Church does not depend on a corrupted elite; it depends on the Holy Spirit Who inspires and informs the Faith. And for this reason Greece, like the Ukraine, now have a unique opportunity, to escape the clutches of the US and its vassal EU and return to their destiny as vital parts of the restored Christian empire, centred in Moscow, Roma-Nova. The West proposes but Almighty God disposes.