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Nineveh is Fallen

Wasted is Nineveh; who will bemoan her? Whence shall I seek comforters for her?

Nahum 3, 7

And he will make Nineveh a desolation, a dry waste like the desert.

Zeph. 2, 13

When US forces together with others from servile poodle-governments in London and the new Eastern Europe were sent to Iraq, they appeared to have four aims.

The first aim was to overthrow the CIA-installed Saddam Hussein, who had become too popular for the West’s liking. He had after all, with Washington’s tacit approval, originally tried to reunite to Iraq the province of Kuwait, which had been cut off from the rest of the country by oil-greedy British colonial authorities. That made him no longer useful to the West.

The second aim was to control Iraq by ‘bombing it back to the Stone Age’, depriving its citizens of normal education, not to mention water, electricity, petrol and other staples of modern life.

The third aim was to oversee the election of a ‘democratic’ government.

Washington duly achieved all three aims, spending $3 trillion in the process and almost bankrupting the USA.

Firstly, Saddam Hussein, hardly a pleasant man – the CIA should know – they created him – was farcically murdered (just as the all too popular Kaddhafi was later murdered in Libya).

Secondly, the Iraqi people was effectively deprived of all the essentials of modern life, completely dividing the country, so that the West could then rule it, pumping out its oil and gas.

Thirdly, ‘democracy’ was created with the election of the present leader al-Maliki.

But now, just as all the experts predicted, Washington is very unhappy.

Firstly, the overthrow of the strongman, Saddam Hussein, has created an Iraq full of terrorists, many of whom were supported, financed, trained and armed by the CIA to overthrow the Syrian government, just as it supported, financed trained and armed Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to overthrow its government.

Secondly, having divided Iraq and utterly embittered the Sunnis, the West now sees it splitting into its three natural parts in a horrendous civil war.

Thirdly, having created ‘democracy’ in Iraq, the West now wants to overthrow its democratically-elected government (just as it did in the Ukraine, where it also overthrew the democratically-elected government in order to install a pro-American, neo-Nazi clique).

Nineveh, today called Mosul, is now fallen and its surviving Christian population has fled. Founded by Nimrod, a descendant of Ham (Genesis 10), Nineveh heeded the holy prophet Jonah who went there at the words, ‘Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness has come up before me’ (Jon. 1, 2) and its 120,000 people repented. Our only hope now is that both those who laid waste to Iraq in 2003 and those who are now laying waste to Nineveh will cease their futile and hypocritical self-justification and also turn to repentance.