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Irreligion in England and Wales

Last month the Roman Catholic St Mary’s University in Twickenham published the following statistics:

1. 48.5% of the English and Welsh adult population identifies itself as of ‘no religion’, 19.8% as Anglican, 15.7% as Christian but Non-Anglican and Non-Roman Catholic, 8.3% as Roman Catholic and 7.7% as members of Non-Christian religions.

2. The religious make-up of England and Wales has changed dramatically in the past three decades. Anglicans have suffered the biggest declines: from 44.5% in 1983 to 19.8% today.

3. For every one Roman Catholic convert there are 10 cradle Roman Catholics who no longer regard themselves as Roman Catholic. For every one Anglican convert there are 12 cradle Anglicans who no longer regard themselves as Anglican.

4. Of those who currently identify as Roman Catholic, only 27.5% say they attend church services at least once a week. 39.2% say they never or practically never attend.

Source: http://www.stmarys.ac.uk/benedict-xvi/docs/2016-may-contemporary-catholicism-report.pdf