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Woe unto You

Pope Francis has visited Turkey. This is surprising; Turkey is a country where historically he has never had a flock or any jurisdiction. Since he did not go there in order to visit the handful of Catholic diplomats and foreigners who do live there, his visit was clearly politically and not spiritually motivated. Despite the pious spin put on the visit by his PR advisors and parroted by the subservient, ethnocentric Western media, we can guess what may really have been behind it.

Since the Pope’s recent visit to the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ of the Eurokommisar puppets and his recent contacts with US politicians, we suspect that that his visit was organized by his American masters. Otherwise he would have gone to Ferguson, where there are real, resident Catholics and the services of a pastor are more urgently needed. We believe that the Papal visit to Turkey had two aims:

1. To help ensure that the Turkish government, in the past pro-EU and pro-US, does not fall to Islamism. This seems possible given its imperialistic support for anti-Syrian terrorism and now its refusal to attack Islamic State.

2. To negotiate the further Uniatization of the Greek Orthodox remnants in Istanbul for their absorption into the Vatican meat-grinder.

This second aim is indicated by last week’s visit to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Istanbul by Joe Biden, who gave his instructions for the Papal visit. For despite the canons of the Orthodox Church which forbid political appointees, since 1948 the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul has been run by Washington.

Here the world’s powerbrokers are barking up the wrong tree. Patriarch Bartholomew is not ‘the spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians’, as reported by the ignorant Western media. In reality, there are 215 million Orthodox Christians, 164 million of them in the Russian Orthodox Church, and Patriarch Bartholomew is only the much-contested representative of a small minority of 3 million Greek Orthodox, essentially outside Greece and Cyprus, mainly in the USA.

Despite the fantasies of the apparently uneducated mandarins of the US State Department, who imagine Patriarch Bartholomew as a political pawn able to snatch the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the multinational Russian Church, so helping to undermine Her, the tiny Greek Patriarchate in Istanbul is largely irrelevant in today’s world and has been since 1453.

As for the first aim, the Pope’s visit has surely done more harm than good. The Pope spoke against Islamist violence (which has in part been carried out by thousands of European-born Muslims and has largely been financed by US allies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We too utterly condemn all violence, including Islamist. And that is why we, unlike the Pope, also utterly condemn Western violence. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya never invaded the West. The West invaded them and slaughtered hundreds of thousands, if not millions. In Iraq’s case, the West invaded twice and is now meddling there for the third time. This is the same hypocrisy as in the Crimea. For the West also invaded the Crimea twice, once in 1854, urged on by the then Pope, again in 1941, and then tried to meddle there in 2014, planning to set up a NATO base in Sebastopol with which to threaten Russia.

The Pope’s speech is all the stranger since he is the representative of the very organization which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslims (and Orthodox Christians) in the blood-soaked Crusades. In other words, the Pope represents the grandfather of Western violence against Muslims (and also against the Orthodox Church). We can therefore think of no-one less appropriate to call on Islamists to cease their violence than this ‘ecumenical’ Pope, who during his visit honoured Kemal Ataturk – responsible in part for the deaths of some two million Greek and Armenian Christians.

Only when Western and Western-supplied bombs, shells and bullets have stopped tearing apart the bodies of innocent Muslim men, women and children all over the Middle East, will fanatical Islamists stop slaughtering Non-Islamists in revenge. ‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity (Matt. 23, 27-28).

Double Standards

The beheading of an American journalist by a British Muslim should surprise no-one. For over two years now hundreds of British Muslims, let alone French, Belgian, German and other European Muslims, have been slaughtering the innocent in the interventionist war in Syria, which has been encouraged by the Western Powers and their subservient media. That is not so much a civil war as a war between Syrians and hordes of foreign mercenaries paid for by Saudi and Qatari Sunnis and well supported by Western ‘Special Forces’ in training camps in the Jordan and Turkey.

Indeed, it is only a year since Western governments were prepared to bomb Syria back into the Stone Age over the poison gas / ’red line’ affair, thus probably bringing Muslim fanatics to power there and replacing the popular government. When it was discovered that the poison gas (invented and used by the West for the first time nearly 100 years ago) had been used by the terrorists and not by the government, the Western hypocrites fell silent.

Now that the terrorists are victorious in eastern Syria, they have tried to take over Iraq (which the West did bomb back into the Stone Age), the West is alarmed and is beginning to realize that it should have been supporting the Syrian government of President Assad all along and not trying to annihilate it, as they did to the governments in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The West was wrong all the way down the line. (It is almost as if after its fifty years of self-imposed cultural nihilism which began in the 1960s that the West wants to annihilate the cultures of all other countries).

Therefore, today the British government is worried that its self-created (by immigration) Muslim ghettoes have produced jihadists. However, the problem of the radicalization of young British Muslims has only two basic self-created two real causes. The first cause is the fact that British ‘governments’ (more correctly ‘regimes’), have, without popular consent, invaded, occupied and committed genocide in several Muslim countries, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The second cause is that British regimes have consistently supported the genocide of native Palestinian Muslims by Zionist Israel, not least over the last month. The outrage of young British Muslims is actually understandable; their violence, however, is only to be condemned, as is the whole Muslim (and Zionist) anti-New Testament eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth ideology.

The hypocrisy of the British Establishment at the terrible beheading is also blatant. However barbaric it is, beheading is at least instant death. On the other hand, to be slowly slaughtered or grossly maimed by NATO uranium-tipped shells in Serbia or by NATO cluster bombs and shells in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is, if anything, even more barbaric. And to be victims of the Atomic Bombs which the ‘high-minded’ West dropped on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is even more barbaric.

The hypocrisy is even worse, when one considers that at this very moment the Western world is supporting a civil war in Europe, unleashed by the Western-backed regime in Kiev, planned by the CIA and other US ‘military advisors’ and executed mainly by Western mercenaries. Well over a thousand have been slaughtered, often burned to death (as earlier in Odessa) in the Western-sponsored genocide against freedom-fighters and civilians in the Ukraine in the last two months, and refugees (no support from the New York-based UN here) number over 150,000. The fact, as we now know from German sources, that the Malaysian Airlines plane was brought down by the Western-backed Ukrainian junta is also irrelevant, conveniently buried with another invented ‘red line’. The Ukrainian train of death is to be forgotten.

Apparently, genocide in the Ukraine, as in Gaza, does not matter, because those who are committing the genocide are pro-Western and are equipped with Western bombs and bullets to do it. There is one standard for the vast majority not so barbaric Non-Western world and quite another for the minority barbaric Western world. How the Western world will deal with this genocide in the Ukraine when the Ukrainian junta goes bankrupt and the gas runs out in the approaching winter, we shall see.

Cromwell and Stalin

I have always detested the statue of Cromwell erected in 1899 outside the Houses of Parliament in London. I have always said that if it were legal to destroy it, I would take great pleasure in doing so.

Let us recall that this regicide Cromwell was the monster responsible for the deaths of roughly 190,000 English people out of a total population of about five million, some 60,000 Scottish people from a population of about one million and some 616,000 Irish people from a population of about one and a half million. These estimates indicate that England suffered a 3.7% loss of population, Scotland a loss of 6%, while Ireland suffered a loss of 41% of its population.

Thus, today’s statement by President Putin that Cromwell and Stalin are indistinguishable as ‘bloody dictators’ makes sense. (I have always considered that Lenin was a parallel to the mass murderer and destroyer of monasteries Henry VIII, also for some strange reason widely ‘celebrated’ by the heritage industry in England). Indeed, statistically Cromwell was far worse than Stalin.

Thus, it does indeed make Western leaders and media representatives look utterly hypocritical when they, with their statues, ‘relics’ and tourist souvenirs of Henry VIII and Cromwell, Napoleon and Disraeli, Leopold of the Belgians and Churchill, complain that in Russia there are still statues of Lenin and Stalin. However, the hypocritical celebration of evil in the West still does not excuse the celebration of evil in today’s still impure, post-Soviet Russian Federation.

Sow the Wind: Reap the Whirlwind

The present internal British political controversy about high immigration from Central and Eastern Europe into the UK raises three points.

First of all, if the UK wishes to regain its sovereignty and control its borders, it must leave the EU. It is no good being a member of a club, if you do not agree to its conditions of membership. Those conditions state that all EU countries are borderless and must accept any immigrants from any other EU country, including from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who wish to work here. It is as simple as that. Rather than playing the xenophobia card, we would recommend that British politicians of all parties stop being hypocritical; they have constantly forbidden the British people from voting on whether they wish to be members of the EU. Since the politicians, supported by the business and financial lobby, have imposed EU tyranny on the UK for forty years despite popular outrage at the loss of freedom, they will now have to accept the consequences of their unpopularity.

Secondly, the present waves of immigration from Central and Eastern Europe into Western Europe were all predicted over 20 years ago after the fall of Communism there and in the Soviet Union. If Western Europe did not want such immigration, then it should never have fought for so many decades for the fall of that system. Although it is quite true that religious freedom was severely limited under Communism, educational and often health systems there were far better than in Western Europe today. Moreover, there was full employment, safety and cleanliness on the streets and lack of zombifying advertising. And families could stay together, rather than being scattered throughout Western Europe by their corrupt, local, EU-bribed political masters, as today. They did not want to have to emigrate, to be scattered abroad. Little wonder that throughout Central and Eastern Europe many want to return to ‘the good old days’.

Thirdly, if British politicians do not want immigration, why are they supporting the present aggressive, US-orchestrated EU crusade, working mainly by bribery, to force Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and other still free Non-EU countries to give up their freedom and accept EU slavery? Why do those politicians object when the overwhelming mass of Ukrainians reject EU tyranny and NATO threats to invade, and instead choose to keep their freedom and sovereignty – the very freedom and sovereignty that British people themselves would so much like to regain. Why do British politicians support the German move to use the Ukraine as a source of cheap labour and food, destroying family life there too, just as Germany did during the Second World War? (We pay no attention to the CIA-financed rent-a-mob pro-EU demonstrations in Kiev, so loved by the Western media).

Is it possible that all British politicians are corrupt and hypocritical short-termists, or are there among them real thinkers and people of principle? The question is open.