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The Vatican in Crisis is Desperate for Russian Orthodox Support

Protestantized and liberalized, ever more under its present head, Roman Catholicism is in crisis. The recent visit of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to Russia on 21-24 August ‘to build bridges and increase mutual understanding and dialogue’ illustrates the crisis. Alarmed at the virtual Fascism being preached by Ukrainian Uniats (just as in the 1940s) and, on the other hand, its virtual Protestantization in the Western world, the Vatican is seeking a way out of its self-imposed crisis.

With regard to the visit, the Vatican stated that: ‘It is now a question of walking together in the Gospel footsteps, multiplying opportunities for fraternal encounter, exchange of views and experiences, proclamation of the Gospel, and co-operation in service to human society’. Clearly, this is Diplomatspeak for: ‘We are in a mess, our churches are empty, in Europe we are finished, help us’. Since his appointment as Secretary of State in 2013, Cardinal Parolin has also visited Belarus, the Caucasus, the Baltics and the Ukraine.

Europe and the Second Great Immigration Crisis

Europe is once more facing an immigration crisis, the second in little more than a decade. The first one was created when the Western bloc engineered the collapse of the Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union from November 1989 on. Since then tens of millions of Eastern Europeans have suffered from resulting massive deindustrialization and corruption. They have been uprooted from their ancestral homes and forced to live in Western Europe as a result of their corrupt political elite joining the Fourth Reich EU which has closed their factories and workplaces. Families have been tragically split, Eastern European Catholic and Orthodox cultures have been crushed by the Western post-Protestant steamroller of secularism. Parts of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, ex-Yugoslavia, Romania, Moldova (where a Romanian passport costs only $10) and Bulgaria in particular have become dwellings only for the old.

The young and not so young have been forced to leave to work in the factories and workplaces of the West for the glory of wage-slavery, just as their grandparents and great-grandparents were forced by the Nazis to toil as slaves for the glory of the Third Reich. Young men huddle in overcrowded flats and houses, several to a room to save money and send it home to struggling families, often wives and children. Now, as a result of further US/EU (they are the same thing) meddling, millions from the Western-created failed State of the Ukraine will soon have to follow them. Western xenophobes who complain about the mass arrival of hard-working Eastern Europeans in their countries never even ask themselves whether the Eastern Europeans want to be in their countries. Of course they do not – they would much rather be at home; through no fault of their own they have been forced into exile.

However, the West’s ruling elite has not been content with merely causing chaos in Eastern Europe. Since 2001 it has deliberately caused chaos throughout North Africa, as far south as Nigeria, the Sudan and Eritrea, and Western Asia – the Middle East as far as Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Now tens of millions of refugees are on their way to Western Europe (no-one wants to live in EU-stricken Eastern Europe, where a good salary, if you can get it, is 200 euros a month). As Turkey has opened the floodgates and in bombed-out and chaotic Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in particular entrepreneurs have organized their people-smuggling operations, supply meets demand. Hundreds of refugees are dying every week, many drowning, women and children alike. In failed State after failed State, all failed because of Western meddling, people are leaving. Western politicians merely talk. What should be done, concretely, and now?

First of all, all these people must be looked after, or else they will die.

Secondly, ideally, all the countries which caused chaos and destroyed the refugees’ States and their relative prosperity must pay. We would suggest that the USA and its Saudi Arabian and Qatari allies (which have financed IS) pay 90%, though Britain and France have a special responsibility for destroying Libya and other countries to a lesser extent. If you have enough money for trillion dollar wars, you certainly have a billion dollars to look after refugees.

Thirdly, it must be understood that, like the Eastern European economic refugees from the first wave of Western-provoked immigration, none of these political refugees wanted to leave their homes. They were forced into fleeing in order to survive. Therefore, it is the responsibility of warmongering Western countries to restore peace in their countries so that these wretched refugees can then return to their homes to the peace and relative prosperity that they had before the West meddled. The alternative is that the EU creates ‘Euslam’, an Islamic EU.

A few months ago EU secularists united to say ‘Je suis Charlie’. While they slept or said nothing and hundreds of thousands were slaughtered in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, will they at least now unite and say: ‘Je suis Aylan Kurdi’?