Quo Vadis UK?

The UK general election results have brought no surprises or change, except for a change of puppets. Most of the electorate, 40% of whom did not bother to vote in an extremely low turnout, simply voted against, not for anyone, thus punishing the Conservative Party for its continual lies. Thus, in the anti-democratic electoral system in the UK, a minority share of the popular vote has given the Labour Party a huge parliamentary majority. The result is, as usual, another minority government, elected by only 35% of those who bothered to vote, fewer than the number who voted for Labour in 2017 and 2019, when they lost. This is not at all a landslide in terms of the popular vote.  In reality, Labour is declining – it is a hollow victory.

This was from an electorate so disgusted and disillusioned by politicians’ lies and incompetence, with three Prime Ministers in five years, two of them unelected, that many did not vote. In other words, the vast Labour parliamentary majority was achieved with the votes of little more than 20% of the electorate. This is hardly democracy, though it is better than the dictatorship in the Ukraine, where a President has become a dictator, other political parties have been banned, opposition journalists like Gonzalo Lira have found themselves in the lethal torture chambers of the Nazi Secret Police and any man can be dragged off the streets to become cannon fodder for the ongoing US arms industry’s war.

By far the largest ‘Party’ is that of those who did not vote. Little wonder, politicians have broken their every promise to the electorate. Brexit (not done), the Covid scandemic (£250 billion wasted), the climate change hoax and support of Fascist Ukraine (causing bankrupting energy and other costs for the economy, people and the armed forces) provides the background. Many people are eating from food banks, amid a collapsing health and educational system, an increasingly third world transport and road system, bankrupt councils and utilities, demoralised police and armed forces and public services become public disservices, even imprisoning honest postmasters. Here are the results of chronic incompetence.

Starmer-led Labour, with policies identical to the Conservatives or perhaps even to the right of them, won the anti-Conservative protest vote. It was a negative vote and very few like the charisma-starved Starmer. The wealthy also protested, by voting as usual for their elitist anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats, who gained relatively few votes but many seats. Whereas the new Reform Party which came third got more votes than the Liberal Democrats, but few seats of the nearly 100 it should have had proportionately. So unfair is the system. Meanwhile, protesting Scots voted against the Fascistic, ultra-woke Scottish Nationalists. Power has passed from one anti-patriotic globalist to another. The same lies will continue. The Uniparty rules.

The new millionaire Labour leader, replacing the millionaire Conservative leader, rules over a bankrupt country, whose debt has accelerated by 150% since 2008. At one time it used to be said that the UK was in managed decline. Today it is clearly in mismanaged decline. Will Starmer, the choice of the banking, business and Israel elite, as he stabbed the former Labour leader the socialist Corbyn in the back, even remain in power for five years? All this is in a world riven by very dangerous wars and everywhere the UK Establishment is on the losing side. The consolation is that all the UK’s allies in the dementia-led Western world of the US and the EU, are in exactly the same mess, with the globalists being rejected by the patriots.

In reality, the UK election results are just another detail in the now rapidly falling Western world, which has been destroyed by its own breath-taking hubris. The UK is now the ninth largest economy in the world, far behind China at No 1, the declining US for the moment at No 2, India at No 3, Russia catching up with India at No 4, and then Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, and the UK only marginally ahead of France. Turkey and Vietnam will very soon take even their places. The only future in the new equitable multipolar world reality will be for the UK to join BRICS together with many other countries. The days of the globalist dinosaurs, in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium or elsewhere, who advocate the unipolar Western domination of the world are over.