On the Persecution of the Church in the Ukraine and England



As we can see from the above, in the Ukraine, as in England, the Church is persecuted by so-called ‘clerics’ who wish to see our churches closed down. This is why we have since 2019 always commemorated at the Great Entrance ‘His Beatitude Onufry, Metropolitan of Kiev and All the Ukraine, the brethren of the Kiev Caves Monastery and all his persecuted and suffering flock’. Like us, he too has been railed at by the two thieves on their crosses on either side of Christ, the one who represents the Western persecution by the so-called ‘OCU’ and the other who represents the persecution coming from the Sovietised Russian side. Like the greatest Ukrainian saint of the twentieth century, our patron, St John of Shanghai and Western Europe, who was persecuted by the forces of this world when he lived in China, and then put on trial by false brethren in California, Russian ‘bishops’, we too follow St John. The greatest disciple of St John of Shanghai is Metr Onufry. We follow in both their footsteps, for we follow in the footsteps of the persecuted Christ, as we are faithful to the Gospel of Christ, and not to schismatics and slanderers and all those who repeat those slanders. May the Lord have mercy on their souls!