On Neocons

So what are Neocons really like?  First and foremost, they are extreme narcissists and, as is often the case with narcissists, their obnoxious self-worship, sense of entitlement and hatred of the ‘other’ all come from a deep-seated inferiority complex (believe me, they knew the contempt they were held in by the old generation of US decision-makers, and they knew that they were seen as the ‘crazies in the basement’).  So besides being self-worshipping racist narcissists, they were also filled with resentment, a desire for revenge and an unbreakable ‘us versus them’ mentality.

Also, and contrary to popular belief, they are not very smart (if only because being truly smart requires both humility and expertise, something the Neocons are totally devoid of).  In reality, the big competitive advantage of the ‘Neocons over the ‘old guard’ was not brains, but drive.  This is something we often observe in history: the folks who actually seize power are rarely the smartest ones, much more often you see folks with a tremendous ideological drive.  A perfect example?  The German Nazis.  Please name me one truly educated and smart Nazi!  Hitler?  No.  Himmler?  No.  Goering?  No. Hess?  No.  Haushofer? No. Rosenberg? No.

Written by another spiritual child of the ever-memorable Archbishop Antony of Geneva, now living in the USA