North Korea or the USA?

A country whose head is seen by others as unstable.
A country run by a man who has the full support of patriotic and nationalist voters.
A country with a military-style police force.
A country with media dictatorially controlled by a very small number of people.
A country whose administration is said to be very corrupt.
A country which has a huge number of troops who are armed to the teeth.
A country with nuclear weapons.
A country which is paranoid about being attacked by its enemies, one with reason, the other without reason.
A country which is seen as a threat to others.
A country where a significant minority of people are locked up in prisons, some without trial.
A country with tens of millions of people who are considered to be poor.
A country whose southern border is strictly controlled by armed guards.

North Korea or the USA? Certain differences make it clear which the above is:

A country which is the only one in the world that has ever used A-bombs in order to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.
A country which is notorious for invading other countries and carrying out blood-soaked regime-change all round the world, all so that it can exploit the natural resources and use the gold reserves of those countries.
A country that has well over 130 foreign military bases and 450,000 troops abroad.
A country that has threatened to ‘annihilate’ North Korea.
A country with $20 trillion dollars of debt that will never be paid off.
A country which has murdered 51 million of its ‘beautiful children’ through abortion since the 1970s. (In North Korea abortion is illegal).
A country where between 1968 and 2011 1.4 million people died from gun crime.
A country undermined by drug gangs and drug-taking.
A country notorious for its racism and social inequality.
A country where sexual perversion is not only legal but encouraged.
A country which is now threatened by yet another powerful hurricane.

The only question is: Who will defend sanity?