News from the World

It is reported that the atheist Muslim (?) President Obama has last weekend been in negotiations with the Saudi Arabian government, trying to persuade it to flood the oil market with production in order to destroy the market for Russian oil. This comes along with his meeting with the Jesuit Pope Francis, with whom he no doubt spoke of again desperately trying to catholicise the Ukraine. Today, in the UK, however, the leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, denigrated and slandered by the Establishment-controlled media for being independently-minded, has called Angela Merkel ‘cold’ (she is after all a Calvinist East German) and President Putin ‘brilliant’.

More seriously, the Serbian e-publishing agency Pres has reported that a Facebook group called FB referendum has petitioned President Putin to ‘annex’ Serbia, calling for a referendum like the Crimean one that would join Serbia to Russia. Within a few hours 30,000 Serbs had signed the petition, expressing their unwillingness to become yet another exploited, deindustrialised and immigrantised Eurocolony, under Berlin’s economic occupation and NATO’s military occupation. And in Bulgaria it has been reported that two thirds of the population support President Putin and are for a Crimean-style ‘annexation’ of Bulgaria – similar to the desire in almost all of the ‘Ukraine’.

The battle lines are being drawn up as in the prophecy of St Seraphim of Vyritsa – between a Christian Empire based in Moscow and an atheist Empire based in Washington. Whose side are you on?