In Memoriam: Metr Hilarion, the Last Metropolitan

The following has been compiled by Abbot Tikhon (Gayfundinov), the former private secretary of Metr Hilarion (Kapral). The latter was born in Spirit River Canada in 1948 and passed away in May 2022. We first met the future Metr Hilarion in 1986 and again and again in several countries. He came to celebrate and ordain in our church and was beloved by all. The last Metropolitan of the old ROCOR, now gone for ever, he fell ill and in the revolution of 2018 was removed from authority. Others took over from him and began following all the opposite policies, using his electronic signature, with the dire result of the new ROCOR that we see today. Born in Saint Petersburg, Fr Tikhon himself, like so very many others, was forced into leaving ROCOR. But God is not mocked!