French Resistance Fighter Joins the Church in the Ukraine

As we know, the war of liberation in Novorossiya (southern and eastern Ukraine) from the American-imposed junta in Kiev has forced the junta to resort to the use of mercenaries, mainly from the US, UK and Poland. Paid for by Fascist oligarchs, the mercenaries have suffered huge casualties. What is less known is that the Ukrainian freedom fighters have also been aided not by mercenaries, but by volunteers, and not only from Russia. They have come from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Serbia, Germany and France, desiring to take part in a war between good and evil, between Holy Rus and the apostatic West.

A few days ago a young Catholic Frenchman from Paris was received by chrismation into the Church under the name of George. Since he had joined the resistance fighters in the eastern Ukraine, the priest told him: ‘Stand up for the truth until death, live in a holy way’. To which he answered: ‘Now we are brothers in faith and in spirit’. Later, George explained his motivation in coming to fight for Holy Rus and join the Church: ‘In France the news is completely censored. People have been left ignorant. People refuse to believe in the monstrous crimes of the Fascists…Democracy and freedom of speech are only words…Democracy merely means that you have the right to enjoy material goods…There is a moral crisis in the country, an extremely negative attitude towards religion is formed from childhood…Your services are like living water’.

‘In the churches in Paris you can have rock concerts, dog shows, even an exhibition of pornography. None of this has troubled anyone for a long time, and I won’t even mention Islamisation…When I saw the bestial acts of the Ukrainian Fascists here in Novorossiya, then something stirred in my soul – my place is here, with my brothers and their pain is my pain, so I came here. Here I met the ‘Russian’ God’. Archpriest Oleg Trofimov, a priest with a doctorate in theology who received George, recently received a family of seven Koreans into the Church. He added: ‘Our Mother-Russia has through the Providence of God become the Divine melting pot where the destinies of different peoples, cultures and religions meet. They all have the opportunity to come into contact with the Orthodox Faith…with Russian Orthodox civilisation’.