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What will happen to the Patriarchate of Constantinople once Russia has freed Istanbul?

In the nineteenth century France and Great Britain began a war of aggression in order to stop Russia freeing Istanbul and ‘Turkey in Europe’, i.e north-eastern Greece. This event, the Crimean War (= the second unprovoked and allied Western invasion of Russia of the four between 1812 and 1941), prevented the liberation of Constantinople. Even more dramatically and treacherously, in the twentieth century the British, with French and US support, carried out the coup d’etat or so-called ‘Russian Revolution’ of March 1917, partly in order to stop this same liberation, to which the Western Powers had hypocritically already agreed

However, all the prophecies, not least those of Elder Paisios of Athos, are unanimous. The liberation of Constantinople will happen, once Turkey has been split apart by the absurd policies foisted on it by the Western Powers, above all, the USA. Then the last liturgy in the restored Church of the Holy Wisdom, Agia Sofia, will be completed. Then the Kurds, the Armenians, the Greeks and the Syrians will all see justice. And the Turkish people themselves will find their rightful place. The question therefore that arises is what will happen to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, once the City has been liberated by Russia?

Clearly, Russia will hand it and the surrounding territory over to the Greek Nation, to whom it belongs. Russia will have no interest in keeping it, since its real interest is Jerusalem and the Holy Land, where one million Russians live. Once Constantinople has been restored to the Greek people and become their capital again, the historic injustice committed by the British in 1833 will be righted. This was when, under British pressure, the Church of Greece was split away from the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In this way the Patriarchate of Constantinople will once more become what it really is – the national Church of Greece.

In this way fantasies of modernistic world jurisdiction over Orthodoxy, foisted on that Patriarchate after 1917 firstly by British and then, from 1948, by American, imperialism, will utterly fade away. Then the remaining thirteen universally recognised canonical Orthodox Churches will be united under by far the largest of them, the Russian Orthodox Church. With this, we can expect the Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria to become internationally Orthodox, and so much stronger, and the Church of Cyprus will enter into a fuller communion with the Russian Orthodox Church, with the Russian base in Paphos.

One Step Closer to Armageddon

With two wars lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, Western governments are apparently intending to continue their folly by meddling in Syria. Eighty people die there every day, as thousands of foreign Sunni mercenaries massacre the Christian, Alawite and Shia population. The terrorists are financed by Sunni Saudi Arabia and Qatar and trained by the USA, Britain and France. Now the West has fabricated ‘evidence’ of the use of chemical weapons – just as it fabricated ‘evidence’ of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq.

Iraq itself is now divided into three and racked by terrorist bombs; full-scale civil war draws ever closer. Iraqi deputies have asked for the heads of state of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to be tried at the international court in the Hague for supporting extremist terrorists and their unspeakable atrocities, notably in Iraq, Syria and the Yemen. As for Turkey, along whose borders there are training camps for the terrorists in Syria, trained by US, UK and French ‘Special Forces’, it has now too been racked by civil revolt.

The Jordan, once virtually a British colony and now a US protectorate ruled by King Abdallah II, nicknamed ‘Play Station’, has allowed hundreds of tons of arms and munitions to be transferred to its territory at the behest of the dictatorships of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies. Arms shipments have been organised by the CIA, notably from Croatia. As a result, Jordan is now facing the same unrest as has broken out under the dictatorial regime in Turkey and may yet face territorial division.

Meanwhile, Egypt faces economic and constitutional chaos with daily demonstrations. The persecuted Copts are leaving in their tens of thousands, just as 80% of the Christians had to leave Iraq. In Libya, tribes and militias have divided the country into three and massacre one another daily, not least in Tripoli. Towns and cities of Tunisia are under curfew every evening and Tunisian soldiers are fighting Islamist terrorists near the Algerian border. As for Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Yemen and Bahrein, they are all in a state of unrest.

Two lost, bankrupting and disastrously disturbing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left NATO forces fleeing for their lives (with ‘exit strategies’) from the hornets’ nests which they have stirred up through their meddling. However, the whole Middle East is now in a state of chaos after the Islamist winter, so absurdly called an ‘Arab spring’ and so encouraged by the mixture of purposeful cynicism, self-righteous naivety and stupid greed of Western governments. The Middle East is moving one step closer to Armageddon.

How do we Explain the Present Crises in Turkey and the Czech Lands?

At the present time Turkey is being rent apart by street protests against the current regime there. As for the Czech Republic, it is facing extremely serious flooding and parts of Prague are being evacuated at this very moment. We can explain these catastrophic events through politics, geography etc. But perhaps we should be looking at spiritual reasons for these crises.

As regards Turkey we have the incredible statement made on 29 May made by the arch-Conservative Prime Minister Erdogan, an anti-Chrsitian, pro-American puppet who has sided with Israel against Syria and allows his country to be used as a training ground for anti-Christian Islamist mercenaries and fanatics. On that day, 29 May, the 560th anniversary of the fall of the Christian Roman Empire in 1453 (the pagan Roman Empire fell a thousand years earlier in 476), Erdogan called Christian Rome ‘a dark chapter’ in history and called the Muslim massacre and succeeding grim 560 years of oppression and genocide ‘a time of Enlightenment’. (Source: Since that day Turkey has been rocked by rioting in what looks like more ‘Arab spring’ type events, which could easily end in civil war.

Meanwhile, the Czechoslovak Orthodox Church has in the last three months seen its first hierarch, Metropolitan Christopher, atrociously slandered and deposed in a vicious political and financial attack on the pro-Russian and Russian-founded Church. Since then there has been an attempt by American politicians to influence the Church through its US-financed Greek puppets in Istanbul. The injustice cries out to heaven. Since then almost all the Czech Lands have been flooded.

Our conclusion? When a country falls into national sin, it loses the protection of God’s grace. Some call this Divine retribution; we call it the spiritual law. Both countries have attacked their spiritual backbone; both therefore are under threat of spiritual destruction. A country which loses its spine collapses like a skeleton without a spine. It is not complicated.