How do we Explain the Present Crises in Turkey and the Czech Lands?

At the present time Turkey is being rent apart by street protests against the current regime there. As for the Czech Republic, it is facing extremely serious flooding and parts of Prague are being evacuated at this very moment. We can explain these catastrophic events through politics, geography etc. But perhaps we should be looking at spiritual reasons for these crises.

As regards Turkey we have the incredible statement made on 29 May made by the arch-Conservative Prime Minister Erdogan, an anti-Chrsitian, pro-American puppet who has sided with Israel against Syria and allows his country to be used as a training ground for anti-Christian Islamist mercenaries and fanatics. On that day, 29 May, the 560th anniversary of the fall of the Christian Roman Empire in 1453 (the pagan Roman Empire fell a thousand years earlier in 476), Erdogan called Christian Rome ‘a dark chapter’ in history and called the Muslim massacre and succeeding grim 560 years of oppression and genocide ‘a time of Enlightenment’. (Source: Since that day Turkey has been rocked by rioting in what looks like more ‘Arab spring’ type events, which could easily end in civil war.

Meanwhile, the Czechoslovak Orthodox Church has in the last three months seen its first hierarch, Metropolitan Christopher, atrociously slandered and deposed in a vicious political and financial attack on the pro-Russian and Russian-founded Church. Since then there has been an attempt by American politicians to influence the Church through its US-financed Greek puppets in Istanbul. The injustice cries out to heaven. Since then almost all the Czech Lands have been flooded.

Our conclusion? When a country falls into national sin, it loses the protection of God’s grace. Some call this Divine retribution; we call it the spiritual law. Both countries have attacked their spiritual backbone; both therefore are under threat of spiritual destruction. A country which loses its spine collapses like a skeleton without a spine. It is not complicated.