A Time to Lose the Last Soviet Delusions


The CWN News Agency reports that the head of the ‘Ukrainian’ Uniats, Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk, has called on Western European countries and the USA to interfere in Ukrainian political life by supporting the rioters and terrorists on the Maidan Square in Kiev against the democratically elected government. The Greek Catholic prelate said that ‘the future of democracy in Europe, Eastern Europe and even Russia depends on this’. Naively failing to notice that the West had already started a new cold war against the lands of the former Russian Empire in 2000, he added that if ‘the USA and Europe abandon the ‘Ukraine’ or do not take pre-emptive action, humanity may find itself on the brink of a new cold war’.

Source: sedmitza.ru 11/02/14


The above statements come only a day after the US Vice-President Joe Biden met Ukrainian schismatic leaders, a Uniat and the Soviet-period married head, now 85 years old, of the tiny so-called ‘Kiev Patriarchate’. As an English proverb says, ‘It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good’. For the events in Kiev, heavily orchestrated from Warsaw, Brussels and Washington and timed to coincide with the Winter Olympics, make it crystal clear who the enemies of the Orthosphere are: Washington, closely followed by its poodles in colonial London, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, the Vatican, the Phanar and all other ecumenists, including the naïvely deluded who still exist in former Soviet Russia.

However, these events also make clear that the closest friends and patriots of the Orthosphere outside the Orthodox homelands are those not engaged in the heresy of ecumenism, among them us in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. As Metropolitan Hilarion has said of his ancestral homeland, called by its real name, Kievan Rus:

“As faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church, we cannot remain indifferent to the troubles plaguing Her cradle – the Mother of Russian Cities, Kiev. We call on all the faithful of the Russian Church Outside Russia around the world to pray for an end to all violence, that God might prevent all bloodshed and speedily restore brotherly love and understanding.”

“Again we pray Thee, O Almighty Lord, that Thou mightest grant peace to Kiev, the Mother of Russian cities which is shaken by civil strife, and the entire country of Kievan Rus’, and by the power of the grace of Thy Holy Spirit extinguish all enmity and violence therein; O Source of goodness and Abyss of love for mankind, swiftly hearken and have mercy.”