A Commentary on a Universal Prayer

O Lord, forgive us for the sins of not knowing and rejecting the Church,

= Forgive us for our ignorance of the Church through the sins of distant ancestors who were forced into following the heresies and errors of the Western rulers of that age and so fell away from the Church, and for rejecting the Church by not seeking Her.

failing to keep the spiritual purity of Holy Orthodoxy and so failing to share in the missionary Cross of Holy Rus, the Christian Empire of the Third Rome,

= Forgive us for the sins of new calendarism (modernism, liberalism, ecumenism), old calendarism (phariseeism, sectarianism), phyletism (nationalism and racism), narcissism (personality cults, false eldership) and the impurity of other deviations and deformations (spiritual delusions).

and betraying the memory of the Anointed of God, not understanding and revering the holiness of the last Christian Emperor and his Family.

= Forgive us for accepting what the rulers of our countries did to betray and undermine the Christian Emperor and Empire in 1917 and for believing the lies about them that have ever since been inherent in Western culture.