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Pessimism or Optimism?


The tragic events in the tragic Ukraine are a turning-point in history. The defeat of the Western elite there is not a defeat that comes every 500 years, but every 1,000 years. For already in the eleventh century through its ‘crusades’, the elite had proclaimed the racist ideology that it is exceptional, superior to all others and has the right to conquer, control and exploit the rest of the world. The rout of the elite in the Ukraine proves rather that it is exceptionally aggressive and in fact spiritually and morally inferior. However, the cornered beast that is the contemporary Western elite is a dangerous animal. It will lash out at anyone, as it does not want to admit reality, that its power is temporary and that it rules over just a few countries in the world community, which it is long since time to integrate on an equal footing with the Global Majority.


World War III

Pessimism about the world situation is understandable. Washington is for now controlled by highly belligerent and delusional hotheads, whose ideology is American superiority and whose puppet is the demented Biden. He will do and sign anything they want. Could the US NATO vassals, some of whom have even since 2014 had troops in the Ukraine, launch an attack on Russia through Kaliningrad? Or through Belarus? Or through Transdnistria? (US, French and Romanian troops are already in Moldova). Or will the US directly attack Iran? Or will the US launch a direct war against China through the ‘Chinese Ukraine’ of Taiwan? Or will they begin a nuclear war? Such are the speculations of pessimists on ‘World War III’ and possible further Western folly. For this is undoubtedly folly, insanity similar to Hitler’s in 1941.

Hitler’s Folly

Until June 1941 Hitler had reigned victorious and supreme in Western Europe, from Greece to Norway. Italy, Spain and Portugal which he had not invaded, were ruled by Fascist allies. And he could do whatever he wanted with and obtain anything he wanted from the supposedly neutral but hypocritical Sweden and Switzerland. Offshore Britain, which he had humiliatingly routed and chased back into its island at Dunkirk in May 1940 and repressed in summer 1940, was not worth wasting any more resources on. The main British interests were its colonies and dominions, from Australia to Canada, from Kenya to South Africa, from India to Egypt. These were irrelevant to Hitler. Entirely dependent on the USA for food and arms, despite its rhetoric Britain was incapable of launching an invasion of German-controlled Continental Europe. But the triumphant but delusional Austrian megalomaniac wanted more than just control over Western Europe. In June 1941, like the triumphant but delusional Corsican megalomaniac Napoleon before him, he attacked eastwards, the USSR, and then in December 1941 he declared war on the USA. It was suicide for little Germany.

The Isolation and Delirium of the Modern West

And so today Washington and its European puppets, who include Zelensky, are committing suicide, just like Napoleon and Hitler before them. The name ‘Biden’ will go down in history as one who was defeated just like Napoleon and Hitler. Washington has declared war on Russia through its Fascist proxies from the far west of the Ukraine. Washington has declared war against the whole Muslim world in Palestine, Yemen and Iran through its proxies in Israel. And now Washington wants to declare war on China through its proxies in Taiwan and the Philippines. India, Africa and Latin America stand by in support of Russia, the Muslim world and China. The billion of the West stand isolated against the seven billion of the Global Majority. The West has isolated itself in its aggressive, paranoiac and self-destructive folly.


In the Ukraine: Liberation

The Ukraine is being liberated from the US Nazi puppets in Kiev, illegally installed there by the billions of dollars pumped in by the US elite. Many predict the liberation in the coming weeks or months, sooner or later. But what will come next? It is one thing to win the war, another thing to win the peace. The East and the South of the Ukraine are Russian, they were part of Russia until 1922. That is clear. But the centre and the west are different. The centre is different, it is not Russia, the west is Ukrainian and the far west is more like Poland than Rus and its people are generally not even Orthodox. There will be a New and Sovereign Ukraine, an independent country, with its own ways, free of US interference. And Soviet-style centralisation from Moscow will not work. The real Ukraine has its own identity.

In South-East Europe: The BRICS Alliance

It was the BRICS 5. It will soon be the BRICS 10. Tomorrow will it be the BRICS 20 or the BRICS 30, or the BRICS 40, or the BRICS 50? The Alliance keeps growing and overtook the old US-controlled G7 some years ago. The Alliance is also replacing the old US-controlled ‘United’ Nations, which was only ever a puppet show. Now the Alliance, a genuine World Alliance, could liberate South-East Europe. South-East Europe consists of sixteen countries, previously largely those of the Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires: Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, (North) Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Moreover, half the population of South-East Europe is Orthodox. The leader of one of them, Hungary, is Viktor Orban, the only outstanding leader of Europe, the only non-puppet. Moreover, his country geographically connects Russia to Serbia, which latter with Hungary is both soon to be visited by President Xi of China. Could Serbia and Hungary one day join BRICS and then form a loose Confederation together with the other countries of South-East Europe? In ten years from now all may be possible.

In the Rest of Europe: Realism and Repentance

Realising that it has failed, that its ethnocentric values of superiority to all others were all along false, the Western European world has to return to its roots and its own identity, which is not that of a pseudo-America. Under its present management of puppets, appointed by the US elite and protected by the US media which manipulates the zombified populace, the West can return to roots. It is possible. A Western world under new management would be a different matter. ‘Make Europe Great Again’, as Viktor Orban has said. And he is the only longstanding ‘Western’ leader we can talk to, as he alone understands our Orthodox mindset. Perhaps this is because the first Hungarian Christians were Orthodox. If Europe is to be great again, it must understand that this means spiritual and moral greatness. The time of its military and colonial ‘greatness’ is long over. Its return to its roots and identity is the return to the first millennium of Europe, the Age of its Saints.  The Age of its Shame, however, is  the now ending second millennium since Christ’s Crucifixion.


Western elitists, like the disastrously failed British Prime Minister Truss, proclaim that they must be saved within the next ten years, or else they will lose all their power. Perhaps it will be so. We can only note that pessimism about the possible aggressive intentions of that elite does not take into account Divine Providence. Tomorrow there could be a tsunami or an earthquake in the Sodom and Gomorrah of California and all will change. We may note that in August 1918 St Aristocleus of Moscow prophesied, and this prophesy was recorded over sixty years ago: ‘The end will come through China. There will be an extraordinary explosion and a Divine miracle will be revealed. And life on earth will be quite different, but not for very long. The Cross of Christ will shine forth over the whole world’. We shall see. Only God knows the future.