2024: The Year of Incoming Boomerangs

Introduction: Karma

Incoming boomerangs are those which you threw, missed their targets, and are now heading back to you. Unless you change your position, they will inevitably hit you. They are what is popularly known as ‘karma’ or ‘chickens coming home to roost’, for ‘what goes around, comes around’. The ramifications of the millennial turning-point in world history which began to turn on 24 February 2022 are growing more visible almost daily. For the boomerangs launched by the USA since 1945 and even those thrown by the British (whose Imperial deviations and delusions the US foolishly followed) as long ago as the 19th century, in India, Afghanistan, China and the Crimea (1854-1856), let alone in the 20th century, in Israel, Iraq etc, are now all incoming, and all at the same time. There is nowhere to escape for the throwers and their spiritual descendants – unless they change their positions. Such a change is called repentance.

The Ukraine

Firstly, the conflict in the Ukraine has shown the whole world superior Russian military technology, and not just Mach 10 hypersonic missiles like the Kinzhal, which the West does not even have and can do nothing to counter. There is also an array of other weapons used by the very small part of the Russian Army (about 15% of it) – many of them Ukrainians, who are fighting for their freedom from the US-appointed Galician regime in Kiev – which is defending the Russians who live in the Ukraine. NATO’s weapons, used largely unsuccessfully even against untrained Iraqi conscripts and sandal-wearing goatherds firing kalashnikovs, have proved useless or obsolete against the more advanced Russian missiles, tanks, aircraft, helicopters and drones. It is now clear that the Soviet Ukraine, the construct of Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchov and so vigorously defended by the allegedly anti-Soviet West, is being wiped off the map, its troops the puppets vainly dying for a clique in Washington. Nearly all commentators are predicting the collapse of the Ukraine in 2024, perhaps in the first half of the year, perhaps quite soon. The south and east of the old Ukraine will go back to Russia and a few far western provinces will go back to Romania, Hungary and also Poland – if Poland wants them, which is doubtful. The rest, the old Central Ukraine around Kiev, will be a landlocked Russian Protectorate. The fake Church set up by the USA with the complicity of certain eminently bribable Turkish Greeks will disappear, discrediting those individuals and others responsible.

Africa, Latin America and Palestine

Secondly, inspired by Russia’s humiliation of the West in the Ukraine, the ‘Global South’, that is, the seven billion of the Rest of the world, are at last standing up to the one billion of the West of the world. Colonial France is being flung out of Africa, colonial Britain out of Latin America in Belize and Guyana, despite the laughable presence of a Victorian-style British gunboat, and the colonial USA out of Eurasia. Thus, the US Israeli vassal, the coastal settlement creation of the British Balfour, has been challenged by the long-oppressed Palestinians and has lost sympathy and credit worldwide. Although US bombs drop out of US aircraft flown by Israeli pilots and genocide Palestinian civilians in one of the greatest acts of ethnic cleansing since 1939, Israel has already lost its war through its moral suicide. If the US really loved Israel (or the Ukraine), it would be protecting it from its own stupidity and amorality. There is now no longer a ‘Two-State Solution’ in Palestine, only a One-State Solution and that State is called Palestine. The now unwelcome Israeli occupiers and colonists (‘settlers’) will sooner or later have to return as refugees to the USA and other countries, hated by the whole huge Muslim world.

Elsewhere in Eurasia

Thirdly, throughout Eurasia the story is much the same. The Yemenis, who threw the British out of Red Sea Aden which they once occupied, are now taking on the USA with $2,000 drones that have altered the patterns of billions of dollars of Western trade, though befriended Russian oil-tankers pass with ease through the Red Sea. Iran, subverted by the British and the Americans seventy years ago, is keen for revenge, as are Iraq and Syria, where angry local militias, opposed to the US-financed ISIS, are attacking illegal US bases. Then there is the once prosperous Libya, destroyed by French and British bombs. The US is also losing its ability to stem the desire for freedom of the repressed peoples in the Western Balkans, despite the recent failed, German-organised, pro-EU coup in Serbia, the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, where the US-orchestrated revolt of January 2022 failed due to Russian intervention, and in the rest of Central Asia. This latter now increasingly looks to China, where the West despite its best propaganda has been unable to foment dissent among Chinese Muslims. As for East Asia, everybody knows that Chinese Taiwan will return to China by 2049, perhaps entirely voluntarily, as Beijing has publicly announced. Then US-occupied Japan and a reunited Korea will also inevitably and quite naturally pass into the Chinese Superpower orbit.

The Literal Reorientation of Russia

Closing its window on a 300 year-old love affair, Russia has literally reoriented itself, that is, after opening a window on the West 300 years ago, it has turned back to the Orient. Its love affair with the West had already begun to turn sour in the Imperial period, then its greatest import from the West, German Marxism, turned really sour after 1917, and after the failure of that disastrous experiment with its many millions of victims the last three decades have proved bitter. The rapacious Collective West has stabbed Russia in the back again and again, not least in the so-called Ukraine over the last decade. Today Russia is being redefined as a Civilisational Centre, a Sovereign Power, the East Slav Union of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Malorossija (the Soviet Central Ukraine). Western thinking about Russia has proved to be nothing but wishful thinking, based on its delusions and belief in its own lies.

The End of Western Globalism

After setting up over 750 military bases worldwide in order to enforce its hegemony, the US is now in almost $34 trillion of debt. Its administration has also failed to control mass immigration from Latin America, whose masses it impoverished. Failing to provide any effective social system, decent education and worthy healthcare, tens of millions of its people live in abject poverty, illness and practical homelessness, suffering from poisoned, obesity-making foodstuffs and cheap chemically-made lethal drugs. The instruments the US elite has used over 75 years in order to dominate the Globe, including artificially separating Western Europe from Russia and destroying its industry, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, the ICC, NATO, the EU, Hollywood, Disney, Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, KFC, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter X, Netflix are all discredited to various degrees. The seven billion of the Rest have understood that ‘Globalism’ only ever meant the control and domination of the Globe by the West, not the unity of the Globe on a mutually respectful basis. It was all a propaganda myth, brainwashing. There is now, however, an alternative, real Globalism, in which the different civilisational centres of the Globe work together freely for mutual benefit, while retaining their sovereign independence. This alternative is so new and has advanced so rapidly since Russia stood up to the West in the Ukraine that it still has no up-to-date name.

Conclusion: The Concert of the Nations

For the moment it is known as BRICS or BRICS +. It is a concert of nations, already more powerful than the G7 and it is going to expand rapidly from 1 January 2024. After this it will speed ahead with the further dedollarisation of world trade. Its sixteenth summit in Kazan in the Russian Federation in October 2024, by which time America’s war in the Ukraine against the Ukraine and Russia should be over, will be epoch-making. President Putin has stated that it is destined to establish ‘a fair world order’ at last. By then it will have become clear that BRICS will need a new name. As an Alliance of Sovereign Peoples, we suggest a name along the lines of The Confederation of Sovereign Nations. This makes the abbreviation CONSONA, literally consonant with harmony. Moreover, in Russian, such a name translated as ‘Soglasny’ also means ‘Agreed’, and an etymological translation would give ‘Sozvuch’e’, the word for ‘Harmony’, explaining that this really is a Concert of the Nations. Whatever name is given, here is a possible future at the end of the year of incoming boomerangs.