1016-2015: A Royal Birth and a Commons Election

The birth to the Duchess of Cambridge of the French-named Princess Charlotte, brother to the English-named Prince George, marks another turning point in the history of the Royal Family. Never since the near 950-year Norman Occupation which began in 1066 have the heirs to the English throne been almost three-quarters English.

After all, Prince Charles and his ancestors are all Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Germans, disguised under the pseudonym of Windsor, but the two sons attributed to him are almost half-English. With the Norman-named Prince William marrying the most English Kate Middleton (what name could be more English than Middleton?), the third and fourth in line to the throne are not French, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch or German like all the other monarchs since 1016 (excepting the brief rule of Harold Godwinsson, before all these foreign monarchs Edward the Confessor was also foreign, half-Norman, and those before him Vikings like Harald, Sven and Knut). In fact we have come to the most English future monarchs since Edmund Ironside – who ruled until 1016 – almost exactly 1,000 years ago.

The UK elections have also been of historic interest. Firstly, a government has been elected which for the first time ever claims that it is actually going to allow the people of the UK to say whether they wish to be members of the European Union or not. This is a kick in the teeth for the Brussels Establishment tyrants. Secondly, the people of Scotland have voted out the Westminster elite. This is a kick in the teeth for the British Establishment tyrants. Some 100 years after the Irish tragedy, when Ireland was forced to leave the Island Unity because of the tyranny of Norman London, there is a new chance to see a Confederation of the Isles and reject the tyranny of Britain; the old dream of Four Nations living together in peace, in the unity and diversity of the Holy Trinity, has moved just a little closer.

Could the tyranny of Norman London (the English Capital was in Winchester) be coming to an end? Could the eighteenth-century Imperial project of the Hanoverian tyrants, who collectivized the land of the English and Scottish peasantry, so oppressed the American colonies and enslaved half of Africa and India (the Camerons were among the slave-owners), at last be over? Could all this be leading to the reshaping of the UK? Could all this be leading to a reshaping of UK politics, with the now degutted, Blairized, neocon, anti-working-class Labour Party dead and the Conservative Party, enslaved these 35 years to philistine Dickensian economists, their minds the size of grocer’s shops, and to US colonial wars, be reformed? If so, is perhaps even the reshaping of Europe and the end of EU slavery, not also possible?

We do not know. We know only that man proposes, but God disposes. And that we sense a breath of hope.