The Former World

The twenty-first century has so far been a century of dreadful and continual wars, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, Niger, now Gaza and tomorrow perhaps Taiwan. Each of these wars has threatened the conflagration of a whole region, even of the whole world in the case of Gaza, where two million Palestinians are menaced with genocide. Some predict that we are heading towards the Apocalypse, Armageddon. These are the pessimists.

There is another, more optimistic view, that all this suffering and bloodshed are going to bring forth a better, more balanced and more just world. For the fact is that for the moment the Western world is not run by Westerners, but by those who consider that they are superior to the rest of humanity, a race apart. They have had many names in history, barbarians, crusaders, Nazis and exceptionalists, but they are all possessed of the same demonic ideology of pride.

We have long spoken of the former Soviet Union and of the former Yugoslavia, which both ended in unresolved injustices. However, today we are heading towards something far more important, not just towards the former Ukraine, but also towards the former USA, the former EU, the former UK, the former Israel, indeed, the former Western world, even the former world. For good or for ill? All we know is that Christ is the same yesterday, today and for ever.