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A Destiny

Our destiny is to do God’s Will, each in the way that God has appointed for us. Nobody’s destiny is easy. I started to become aware of my own in early childhood. It was something that I never sought, but that was given to me. A series of revelations more or less every three years heightened my awareness of it, bringing others to call me single-minded. My destiny called me, its signposts were everywhere for me to follow and by my early teens all the essentials without exception had become clear to me.

This individual destiny, like all individual destinies, is merely an infinitely minute part of the world’s destiny and of the overall mystical struggle against spiritual impurity and slander, against Cowardice, Deceit and Treachery. Three groups which were dominated by these three weaknesses tried to stop me fulfilling this destiny. In the order in which I experienced them, they were:

1. The Rejecters, who showed Cowardice through their inward-looking narrowness.

They had no vision of the Universal Christian Empire, Worldwide Rus. They were narrow-minded and sectarian and among those who persecuted St John of Shanghai. They rejected, saying that I was English and too well-educated.

2. The Thwarters, who showed Deceit through their fraudulent claims.

They could brook no rivals and sought only popularity for themselves, so falling into renovationism and a jealous and persecuting upper-class personality cult. They thwarted, saying that I was too young and told the Truth.

3. The Preventers, who showed Treachery through their unfaithfulness.

They were unfaithful compromisers, weak academics and unprincipled anti-patriots, who were frightened of the Truth and so betrayed the Church. They prevented, saying that I was a mystic and had too many children.

But my destiny consisted and consists of three tasks which opposed and oppose them all:

1. To Spread the Message of the Universal Christian Church and Empire despite the Cowardice of the sectarian Rejecters.

2. To Guard the Message of the Universal Christian Church and Empire despite the Deceit of the renovationist Thwarters.

3. To Bring Together into the Universal Christian Church and Empire despite the Treachery of the schismatic Preventers.

For carrying out these three tasks which they never wanted me to do, they will never forgive me, but my destiny is fulfilled despite them all.