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With God or Without God: Our Choice


In 1917 the Judgement of God was made on the Russian Empire; its elite and many of the people had forsaken God. Since God never forces Himself on others, he therefore forsook the Russian Empire. And so failing to follow the commandments and love God first, the peoples of the Empire also failed to love their neighbour; there followed a terrible persecution of the Church, a horrible Civil War, the exile of millions, genocide, unspeakable atrocities and cruelty, artificial famine, concentration camps and the routine invasion of savage and barbarian enemies from Western Europe. Tens of millions died.

Only last week we saw the Judgement of God in Paris. An atheist government and an atheist people saw their main Cathedral, Notre Dame, ravaged by fire. Why should such a nation have a beautiful Cathedral in its Capital, when it no longer confesses the Faith? The people abandoned God, so God abandoned them.

Yesterday God judged the Ukraine. Here there was an evil and corrupt multi-billionaire oligarch-President, who is responsible for well over ten thousand deaths in the war he fomented and who reduced his nation to the poorest in Europe, according to official statistics, a country where people starve and die young because they cannot afford medical care. He then performed his final blasphemy. Using foreign backing, he set up a gang of criminals dressed as clergy, which he called a ‘A Most Holy Church’, and which employed violence to seize church buildings illegally and issue threats against Christ, lost the elections. God judged him.

In the Scriptures we are clearly told that, ‘God is not mocked’. And, ‘As you do unto others, so will it done unto you’. Let us tremble. God’s Judgement is terrible indeed. It always has been throughout all history, is now, and always will be.