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Orthodox who Fought for Freedom in the Boer War Commemorated

The Boer War (1899-1902), in which the British Establishment killed over 20,000 white South Africans, mainly women and children, in concentration camps, was condemned in England by patriotic thinkers and writers such as G.K. Chesterton. Such freedom-lovers were condemned as ‘Little Englanders’ by jingoistic British imperialists like Rhodes and the press barons and arms merchants (often one and the same) of the time.

However, lovers of the real England, under the boot of the Imperialist British Establishment, were far from being ‘Little Englanders’, for they enjoyed international support. Indeed, the war was condemned in the USA, France, Germany and many other countries, perhaps nowhere more than in Russia. Tsar Nicholas II, like his father Alexander III before him, found Western colonialism abhorrent, and supported freedom from colonialism in Thailand and Tibet, also supporting the cause of freedom of the Sikh leader Maharajah Duleep Singh in India, as well as in Africa.

Now comes news that the 225 Russian volunteers who perished fighting against oppression in the Boer War are being commemorated. A few days ago in South Africa, Archbishop Damascene of Johannesburg and Pretoria laid the foundations of a church dedicated to St Vladimir in their memory. The ceremony was attended by the ambassadors of the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Greece and Cyprus as well as local Russian Orthodox parishioners. They remembered in particular Eugene Maximov, who was awarded the rank of general in the Boer Army.

Source: http://www.sedmitza.ru/news/3595426.html (15 April 2013)