Independence Day

Fooled, Europa! Ruled by such fools and knaves,
Britons never any longer shall be slaves.

The unexpected has happened and, after over forty years of the US-imposed EU straitjacket, more people in the UK have voted for principles than for self-interest. The electorate has rejected Project Fear of the Westminster elite. Failing to step outside the foreign country that is London into reality, the political elite, which all too often stuffed its pockets with EU cash, has lost the people. Foreign figures, President Obama, NATO Fascists, Angela Merkel, EU officials, the Pope of Rome (and his bishops in the UK), as well as bastions of the Establishment, Blair and Cameron (should that be Clair and Bameron?), the BBC, most of the Press, the Church of England, MI5 and MI6, all took part in Project Fear, and lost, underestimating the thirst for freedom of the people, so long ignored, so long neglected, so long despised. Even though they manipulated the shooting of a female MP (the conspiracy theorists at once saw in it an Establishment assassination) in their desperation to garner votes at the last minute, they still lost.

On the 950th anniversary of the enslavement of England, and soon after of the other peoples of these isles, to the European Superstate run by the then new Roman Papacy, the forerunner of the present Superstate, people have chosen freedom. Freedom here may also mean freedom for others. Scotland may leave the artificial UK and Ireland may at last be able to reunite. As for other European countries still enslaved to the US and German-run EU, they too may at last be allowed the chance to regain their sovereignty with the people being allowed freedom from the tyrannical EU elite. In the Netherlands, in Denmark, in Sweden, in France, in Italy, in the Czech Republic, and elsewhere, especially in Eastern Europe, referenda for freedom may be held. The EU, merely a post-war model of Europe and reaction to the Second World War of long ago, may be dead. A Europe of Sovereign Nations, at peace because living in freedom, now seems possible at last. The UK has chosen the wide world to a political customs union in a narrow corner of the Eurasian Continent. 75 years ago Britain stood alone against the Third Reich; now it has happened against the Fourth Reich.