Apostasy Made Public

A great many both in the Churches of the Ukraine and Moldova are now publicly calling for a boycott of the Phanar’s ‘Council’. The refusal to hold the Inter-Orthodox bishops’ meeting on Mt Athos and the following words, insulting those who defend Orthodoxy, about adapting ‘our Tradition to the contemporary world’, about ‘an ecumenical event’ and quoting the uncanonically US-installed, 33 degree freemason Patriarch Athenagoras and the notorious Olivier Clement, who took communion from the Roman Catholics, signify that the meeting will now almost certainly be rejected as irrelevant, compromised and anti-Orthodox by the faithful of the Church. This may be the best thing that can have happened, as now there can be no more illusions. This may be the last nail in the coffin. Churches around the world will soon be displaying posters that they proudly reject the ‘Pan-Orthodox Council of 2016’. It can surely only be a question of time before the Orthodox Emperor comes and cleanses the Church of unfaithful bishops, as is prophesied.

Homily of Patriarch Bartholomew During the Divine Liturgy at the Church of St. Paul (Chambésy, 24 January 24, 2016)


After much Diplomatspeak, Patriarch Bartholomew stated:

We acknowledge that the only way to exit from confessional isolationistic temptations passes through dialogue in constant exchange with the “other,” whether our neighbour, Christian or not, or whether society in general, whether other religions or the entire creation, in order to invalidate the irreversible clash of civilisations which tempts the most worried of our coreligionists…..

Nevertheless, in order to give consistence to the life and ministry of our Church, we must promote open and honest dialogue, without any compromise with what we are and with the hope that is within us, but also without any compromise with the compassion and love that we owe to the world…

This was indeed the prophetic intuition of our predecessor, the late Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras, who confided to Olivier Clément: “The Great Council that we are preparing will enable the people of our Church to live their faith in a better way. It will try not only to adapt our Tradition to the contemporary world, but will replenish it with the power of inspiration and renewal. Thus, it will be an ecumenical event. Renewal cannot be separated from sharing and from unity.”