A Ukrainian Europe?

Over the last 23 years, ever since the Ukraine was invented to unite completely different peoples, 80% of whom speak fluent Russian and not one of the many regional dialects of ‘Ukrainian’, we have seen its situation go from fragile to disastrous. In the Galician far west the descendants of pro-Nazi Poles have been united with the descendants of anti-Nazi Russians in the south, east and north. As for the centre, known to history as Little Russia, some are not quite sure of their identity. As for the south-west, formerly Czechoslovakia, formerly Hungary, the heroic Transcarpathians (Carpatho-Russians) have declared their independence and look to Moscow for freedom from provincial Ukrainian tyranny. Transdnestrians by the Moldovan border do the same. Meanwhile EU Poland, Hungary and Romania are handing out passports to any who can claim their ancestry.

Bankrupted, ravaged and asset-stripped by a generation of mafioso oligarchs, many young Ukrainians have been forced to emigrate, above all to Russia and Belarus, but also to Poland, Slovakia, Western Europe and Canada. Many older people eke out a living on absurdly small pensions and plots of land, thanks to which they can feed themselves. The ‘thirdworldization’ of the Ukraine, once one of the greatest industrial hubs of the Soviet Union and the pre-1914 breadbasket of Western Europe (80% of Britain’s wheat then came from the Ukraine), has reached crisis point.

Its US puppetmaster is now attempting to turn the Ukraine into a colony, a sub-department of the CIA, ruled by an unrepresentative, self-proclaimed oligarch junta in Kiev, come to power through terrorist violence. The result is chaos and the open revolt of its peoples. Just as in puppet Iraq, Baghdad rules nothing outside a small central area, and in puppet Afghanistan, Kabul has no control over the vast mass of that country, so too the self-appointed regime in Kiev has never controlled the peoples it claims to rule and even its armed forces disobey it.

In all this, however, the Ukraine only resembles the European Union, beneath whose bloodied flag the coup d’etat against the democratically-elected government of the Ukraine took place last February. Thus, just as the east, south, north and parts of the west of the Ukraine want freedom, so too the east, south, north and parts of the west of the European Union also want their freedom. The south and the east of the Ukraine, called by history ‘New Russia’, have been bankrupted, indebted and asset-stripped by the centre (Kiev) and are resisting, restless and angry. So too the south and the east of the EU, bankrupted, indebted and asset-stripped by the centre (Berlin), are resisting, restless and angry. They are saddled by unpayable debts – though less unpayable than the $17 trillion of debts of the USA. This is a noose around the neck of every US citizen, especially if China, Russia and India decide to launch a new reserve currency.

Thus, most of the east of the EU, the Baltics, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus, wants to leave the EU. In fact, their peoples never wanted to join it; it was only their corrupted and bribed politicians and their friends in the brainwashing media that wanted that. There was never any popular consent. Indeed, Cyprus even tried to do what the Crimea has done and escape. Its German owners would not allow that.

Thus, most of the south of the EU, bankrupt Italy, southern France, Spain and Portugal, is tired of Berlin’s exploitation.

Thus, the peoples of the north, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and even Norway and Iceland, are disturbed at their elite-imposed Islamization and distressed by the corrupt and anti-democratic ways of the unaudited EU.

Thus, in the west of the EU, Ireland resembles Transcarpathia (Carpatho-Russia) in the south-west of the Ukraine. Once a colony, Ireland attained independence through armed struggle, but then became a colony again, bankrupt and feudally dependent again. At least Transcarpathia has declared independence from the US-installed, provincial Fascists in power in Kiev, though its national leader, Fr Dimitry Sidor, has been kidnapped by right-wing thugs sent from captive Kiev.

Thus, the centre of the Ukraine (known to history as Little Russia) is undecided. Benelux, northern France, Germany and Austria in the center of the EU are also undecided. (Though Switzerland is definitely decided – against the EU). The imposition by the elite under a propaganda fanfare of the inflationary euro is resented. The French National party want to drop it and two thirds of Germans never wanted it in the first place.

In the extreme north-west of the EU, even the peoples of the UK were never consulted about membership of the EU. In that they are similar to the people of the west and north-west Ukraine in Galicia and Volhynia. Although the centre of US influence in Western Europe, like Galician Ukraine, the peoples of the UK object to colonial rule from Brussels/Berlin. It does not want to be part of a Europe which includes its south and east.

The Establishment of the EU is symbolized by its unelected President, an unknown Belgian. That Establishments imposed itself anti-democratically on the peoples of Europe. Even the limited referenda it granted were repeated until they obtained the ‘right’ answer. Now that Establishment is opposed by right and left alike, standing in an increasingly narrow, self-proclaimed centre – so narrow that it increasingly looks like a bottleneck.

Movements of the popular national right in Europe (excluding militants, extremists and marginals from the far right) want their national sovereignty and identity back from the neocon transnational elite. That is why in French such movements are called ‘souverainistes’.

Movements of the popular national left in Europe want their jobs and their human dignity back from the neocon transnational elite, who stole their money and asset-stripped and indebted the people to anonymous banksters. That is how they created a huge underclass of unemployed or precariously employed, ‘the precariat’, on zero hours and temporary contacts, or ‘workfare’.

Both left and right resist the global elite. They resist through defending and reclaiming their national sovereignty and Christian identity from the Islamization (sectarianism) imposed on them. They resist through defending and reclaiming their jobs and savings from the creditization (indebtment) imposed on them.

They resist the global elite which has caused interminable chaos in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

They resist the global elite because they still have the vestiges of Christian culture, whereas the mocking and patronizing elite is openly anti-Christian.

They resist the global elite whose aim is to elect from their midst a World Ruler to be enthroned in Jerusalem.

Just like free Ukrainians, those of the peoples of Europe who are still free resist, and with the support of resurgent Russia, in whose Christian roots they share. For the choice that the peoples of Europe, like the peoples of the Ukraine, face is not primarily political and economic, ethnic or social, but spiritual: between Christ and Antichrist.