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Is Europe Spineless?

A war is going on in Europe. True, wars are going on in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, all wars directly caused by Western greed for natural resources and consequent meddling. Those countries have been wrecked and devastated, hundreds of thousands lie dead, all because of Western interference and exploitation. But this new war is in Europe. True, there is an old war in Europe, in Serbia, occupied and downtrodden for fifteen years beneath the boots of NATO troops, and tens of thousands there look to Russia for liberation from the ravages of US/EU tyranny. But that war is now a bloodless war of ethnic cleansing and occupation, whereas in the Ukraine it is now horribly violent with mass graves. Parents of the teenage draftees of the so-called Ukrainian Army are rescuing their sons, taking them back home, so they will not be forced to kill their own people or themselves be killed.

The recent Presidential elections in the Ukraine (turnout = 45%), where a Western-inspired civil war is taking place and the ruling neo-Nazi junta controls only a small part of the country, were, apparently, perfectly legitimate. (Yet, the hypocritical Establishments of the West declare that the present Presidential elections in Syria are a ‘farce’, because they are taking place during the Western-inspired civil war there). True, both the wars in Europe and in Syria are not really civil wars as much as wars between foreign mercenaries (in the Ukraine hired by the mafioso oligarch-puppets of the CIA-installed regime in Kiev, in Syria paid for and armed by puppet dictatorships in Qatar and Saudi Arabia) and the martyred people of the Syria and the Ukraine. And the people are being slaughtered in their hundreds by those Godless mercenaries in a genocide, simply because they want faith and freedom.

The US neocon elite plans to make the Ukraine into a testing ground for its GM crops, banned in Russia, as also in the EU. However, the EU wants to bury around Chernobyl its nuclear waste. Already priests are being murdered and tortured, forced to flee from Kiev and Odessa to Russia, they cannot resist the intimidation and threats to their families. Make no mistake – just as in ex-Yugoslavia and Syria, this is a war on Orthodoxy and only, only, the enemies of Orthodoxy, Uniats, sectarians and so-called ‘Orthodox’ modernists (= apostates), rejoice in it. Thus, only a few days ago the pope of Rome, a rabbi, an imam and a Greek patriarch met to conspire. However, on the banks of the Jordan only a few miles away, the actual Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem and a delegation of Russian bishops met to concelebrate. Babylon and Jerusalem just a few miles from each other….

The still unbrainwashed peoples of Europe, resisting the bread and circuses fed to them, are seeking freedom from the federalist EU Fourth Reich dictatorship. In recent days we have seen how the peoples of Europe are beginning to revolt against the EU Babylonian nightmare. Believers of left and right are united, whether it is the leftist parties of Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain (or Paul Craig Roberts and others in the USA) or right-wing leaders like Marine le Pen, Nigel Farage, Helmut Schmidt, Vaclav Klaus (or Americans like Henry Kissinger, Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul). So we can answer the question of our title and say this: the good news is that the peoples of Europe are not spineless. The bad news is that the European Establishments and the EU elite are spineless. Utterly unprincipled. They swim with the tide – and that tide comes from satan.