Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

Metropolitan Onufry: ‘The Church must follow Christ, not Politicians’

The news has come that Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev, the long ill and incapacitated leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, has been replaced by a deputy, Metropolitan Onufry of Chernovitsy and Bukovina. A monk of the great monastery of Pochaev, a great friend of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, a carer for orphans and the leader of the Church in multinational North Bukovina, he has already shown formidable abilities.

The time of the traitor Yanukovich and the former Communist oligarchs is over in the Ukraine. Now the political vacuum can only be filled by the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the vast majority of the many peoples of the Ukraine, part of the multinational Church of Rus. Only it can guarantee the peaceful separation of the present Ukraine, that strange and artificial amalgam of Catholic Eastern Poland with Orthodox Little Russia, Orthodox New Russia, the Orthodox Crimea, Orthodox Carpatho-Russia and Orthodox Northern Bukovina.

This separation should come on the model of Czechia and Slovakia, and not on the model of Yugoslavia, Libya or Syria, which Western countries have through their arrogant and incompetent backing of fanatics done so much to destroy. Both the imperialist USA, with its experience of meddling in banana republics around the world, and the EU must be warned not to be tempted to invade yet another sovereign nation, the Ukraine, with their legions of NATO troops, as they did in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The American, British and Israeli ‘instructors’ and special forces at work in Kiev over the last three months will have to leave.

Today only the Russian Orthodox Church stands between Christ and the Antichrist of the New World Order. After the coup d’etat in Kiev the latter is represented in Kiev by Protestants, like the new ‘President’ voted in by the laughing stock of the non-representative Galician ‘Parliament’ in Kiev and financed by the Protestant USA, Uniats, promoted by the new and aggressive Vatican of the Jesuit Pope, and the ragtag of provincialist, nationalist followers of the married ‘monk’, Filaret Denisenko. They represent collective apostasy, which Metropolitan Onufry and the rest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will have no truck with.

To Metropolitan Onufry – Many Years!