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USA Creating Schism in the Serbian Orthodox Church

Although we totally disagree with Bishop Artemije’s schism in Serbia, we believe that his following letter is of great interest, since it shows just to what extent American meddling in Local Orthodox Churches in the ‘soft underbelly’ of the Orthodox world is provoking trouble. We have in mind not only Serbia and Joe Biden’s notorious ‘visits’ to Constantinople, but the notorious US ambassadorial activities in Georgia and those of Ambassador Herbst in Kiev. As regards Bishop Artemije, it is our belief that he should have faced charges about embezzlement and then retired to a monastery like the true confessor St Justin (Popovich)

A Council?

How well we recall the letter of Fr (now St) Justin (Popovich) of 7 May 1977, ‘On the Summoning of a ‘Great Council’ of the Orthodox Church’. In fact, we still have translations of it in Russian, French and English. In it he stated that there could be no Council of the Orthodox Church because most of the Orthodox Churches were not free and those that were, (he cited the Russian Church Outside Russia, the Church in America and the Japanese Orthodox Church), were not being invited. Instead, the seats were to be filled by a host of titular bishops from the Patriarch of Constantinople and KGB-vetted bishops from, as it was then called, the ‘Moscow Patriarchate’. The Saint’s plea was heard, perhaps not in the courts of men, but by the angels above, and the Council never took place. Now again, the Patriarchate of Constantinople is pushing forward for yet another ‘Pre-Conciliar Meeting’ in March this year and for the Council to take place next year.

It seems to us that although the situation of the Local Churches in Eastern Europe has radically changed since the fall of atheistic Communism, since when freedom has come to them, in other respects little has changed. The Patriarchate of Constantinople has, if anything, even more become a colony of the US Department of State. The latter has misused it ever since they installed their own US Patriarch in 1948 and exiled the legitimate Patriarch Maximos to Switzerland (who said on his ejection ‘The City is lost’) in order to undermine the Russian Orthodox Church by setting up schisms, for example, in France, Finland, Estonia, England and the Ukraine. In no way can there be a formal meeting of the Orthodox Churches, while the Patriarch of Constantinople and its allies are enslaved by the CIA (and also the Turkish government).

The US Administration appears to think that it can deal with the Orthodox Churches as it dealt with the Vatican, which accepted US Protestantisation in its Second Council fifty years ago and then saw imposed on it an anti-Communist Polish Pope for the 1980s Reaganite Crusade against Communism. Significantly, Roman Catholic sources, like the papist AsiaNews, are pushing Constantinople to arrange this so-called Council so that it will become a modernist Orthodox (therefore pseudo-Orthodox) Second Vatican Council. This would make the Orthodox Church into a mere Uniat department of the Vatican and, in that way, of the US Department of State. This is not going to happen. (In any case a meeting of bishops is not a Council; to become a Council the meeting must first be ‘received’ by clergy, monks and people; paradoxically, Church Orthodox Christians are a lot more democratic than the Non-Church Protestants and Roman Catholics, and always have been).

Thus, the attempts by Constantinople to make the recently set up Regional Inter-Orthodox (called ‘Pan-Orthodox’ by enemies of the Tradition) Assemblies of Bishops in the Diaspora into bridgeheads for their conquest of the Diaspora have failed miserably. Thus, for North and Central America, Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco has eloquently voiced the opposition of all free Orthodox to such attempts ( 20140115_ensynodletterarchbpdemetrios.html). Indeed, in some places the Assemblies have virtually closed ‘for lack of things to talk about’. Much more than this, the agenda proposed for a future Inter-Orthodox Meeting (illogically called a ‘Council’) is looking increasingly tired, a leftover washed up from 1960s liberalism, denounced at the time, even more so now. Let us remind ourselves what the ten items on the agenda are – or were: The Orthodox diaspora; The granting of autocephaly; The granting of autonomy; The diptychs; The Church calendar; Marriage; Fasting; Relations with Heterodox; Ecumenism; Peace, Brotherhood and Freedom. (See our article of several years ago: http://orthodoxengland.

The last six questions are absurd, because the canons are clear and of course unchangeable; the tenth is in particular a piece of masonic nonsense from the 1960s. As regards the fourth issue, the diptychs, if people want to argue about what place they should have on an irrelevant, artificial and anachronistic list, then we say they should first read Mark 10, 37-45. In fact, only the first three issues are discussable – and there will be no agreement on them because they have already been discussed, and with Constantinople in the pocket of the US State Department, a former senior representative of which (Brzezinski) has already declared that the Russian Orthodox Church is its greatest enemy, what point is there in discussing them?

Thirty-three years ago a saint prophetically wrote: ‘Should this Council, God forbid, actually come to pass, only one sort of result can be expected from it: schisms, heresies and the loss of many souls. Considering the question from the point of view of the apostolic, patristic and historical experience of the Church, such a Council will, instead of healing, open only up new wounds in the body of the Church and inflict on Her new difficulties and new misfortunes’. We will not contradict the voice of a Saint.

2014: A Reality Check for the Phanar and a Year of Cleansing for Moscow?

The current attack of Church ecclesiology, issued on Orthodox Christmas Day, 7 January, by a representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, has amazed the Orthodox world (see our article: Is the Patriarchate of Constantinople Going to Become Uniat? of 8 January 2014). Traditional ecclesiology, eloquently expressed by the Russian Orthodox Church, which is 75% of the Orthodox world, states clearly that there is no such thing as ‘universal jurisdiction’ in the Church, only local jurisdiction. The Church is Local and the only universal jurisdiction is that of Christ. The Church, the Body of Christ, expresses this jurisdiction in the form of unity (of faith) in diversity (of human organisation). This unity in diversity of Church life is itself a reflection of Trinitarian Life, One God in Three Persons.

The renunciation of this unity in diversity, like the claim to universal jurisdiction, has always been associated with the imperialism of the pagan Roman Empire, which was carried over in Western Europe in its post-Orthodox religious organisation which in the second millennium came to be known as Roman Catholicism. This renunciation, in effect a renunciation of the Christian understanding and teaching of the Holy Trinity, has always been expressed by the isolationist, anti-Trinitarian doctrine known as the ‘filioque’. This is the original doctrinal difference which isolated Roman Catholicism from the Church of God and has made it into a mere expression of Western imperialism, together with its later offspring, Protestantism.

It seems that now, at the beginning of the third millennium, this same anti-Trinitarian imperialism may be adopted by the tiny Patriarchate of Constantinople. Apparently adopting the ethnocentric isolationism of Roman Catholicism, which firmly backs it in this, it is attempting to distance itself from Patristic theology and the rest of the Orthodox Church. This is a renunciation of the theological spiritual universalism of the Orthodox Tradition, preferring an ideological geographical universalism which says that ‘we have jurisdiction wherever there is a Greek or an anti-Russian nationalist dissident’. This philetism is clear from recent history in Czechoslovakia, England, the Ukraine, Estonia, Canada, and, further back, in Finland and France.

All this is clearly part of the new US attempt to neutralise the Russian Orthodox Church and civilisation and to split the Ukraine from the Orthodox Tradition and hand it over to the masonic forces in Istanbul. This attack on Holy Russia is the greatest since the 1941 invasion of the Ukraine and Belarus by the Nazis. Little wonder that those who support the role of the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s interference in the Ukraine are the very agents who recall with nostalgia the pro-Nazi Ukrainian SS and want to see the Ukraine join the German-led EU.

This attack on the Orthodox Church and Tradition, and specifically on the Russian Orthodox Church, comes at a time when the Church inside Russia is under attack for homosexual elements which have infiltrated it. Exposed by the dissident liberal and highly politicised deacon Andrei Kuraev, who has now been sacked, the existence of homosexual elements is in fact nothing new. It is in reality a hangover from the decadent Soviet period, when the Church inside Russia was infiltrated by such elements with the aid of the KGB, which sought only compromised individuals. Most interestingly, those elements, often connected with circles in St Petersburg and not with the Trinty-St Sergius Monastery outside Moscow, were all noted for their ecumenism and pro-Roman Catholic attitudes. In other words, in the context of the Russian Orthodox Church, homosexuality and ecumenism have always gone hand in hand (see our article ‘Why are there still Ecumenists? of 25 December 2013).

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Russian Orthodox Church is going to face a double attack in 2014, from outside and from inside. On the one hand, there is that from outside by US-inspired and pro-Vatican ideologists in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, who wish to see the Orthodox Church degenerate into a Uniat department of the Vatican. On the other hand, there is that from inside by the apostasy of ecumenist, homosexual elements, whose allies are in Constantinople and in pedophile-ridden Rome, whose ‘gay mafia’ is said to have caused the downfall of Pope Benedict XVI. We have known their names for many years. Both these groups share in exactly the same ideology.

2014 may well be the year when the Russian Church inside Russia is at last cleansed of the tiny post-Soviet minority of such elements. In this matter the faithful can be assured that they have the full and unwavering support of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. As for certain extremist, pro-Uniat individuals in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, having isolated themselves on the periphery of the Orthodox Church, they still have a chance to renounce ‘Halfodoxy’ and return to Orthodoxy. We will welcome their repentance. Perhaps His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill may yet even have to invite all the Orthodox First Hierarchs to the New Jerusalem Monastery outside Moscow in order to reaffirm the Orthodox teaching on jurisdiction and issue an anathema against this new (and old) heresy of universal jurisdiction.

Is the Patriarchate of Constantinople Going to Become Uniat?

Although the above title may seem dramatic, it refers to the following dramatic article, ‘First Without Equals’, placed on the official site of the Patriarchate of Constantinople ( /documents/first-without-equals-elpidophoros-lambriniadis).

Written by the Metropolitan of Bursa, it constantly, very aggressively and racially refers to the Russian Orthodox Church, which is fifty times bigger than the tiny Constantinople Church, as the ‘Moscow Patriarchate’ and the ‘Russian Synod’, even justifying the uncanonical establishment of the modernist, Constantinopolitan schism in the Estonian Orthodox Church. It also appears to assert that the Patriarchate of Constantinople can ‘remove’ autocephaly, a chaos-making threat it has recently made to the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, which received its autocephaly from the Russian Orthodox Church!

Even more significantly, the article is not only from the outset pro-Roman Catholic and therefore pro-Ravenna, but also appears to assert that the Holy Spirit passes from the Patriarch of Constantinople, whom it makes into the Vicar of Christ through filioque theology, down to the rest of the Church, giving the Greek Patriarchate in Istanbul and its purely Greek Synod ‘worldwide’ authority! This it does by confusing the source of all authority in the Church, Jesus Christ, with the purely administrative authority of a first hierarch. In order to do this, it accuses the Russian Orthodox Church of heresy! A clearer example of Eastern Papism and philetism we have never seen.

In many places, it would seem that the article has been written by the CIA. Although this sounds extraordinary, it is not. Already before the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the elite there had become a Roman Catholic colony, after the fall it became a Turkish colony and then, from the early 20th century on, a British colony until 1948, whereupon the holy Patriarch Maximos was substituted by the CIA for one of their servants, flown in on the US Presidential plane from the USA. We should recall the words of the US geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski that after the fall of the Soviet Union, ‘the greatest enemy’ of the USA is the Russian Orthodox Church. It seems as if now the CIA is even writing Phanariot ‘theology’.

With this extraordinarily aggressive text, the Patriarchate of Constantinople has even further distanced itself from a possible Inter-Orthodox Council in 2015. We can only hope that this is the eccentric philosophical and ideological personal opinion of a wayward hierarch and this view will be disowned by the Synod in Constantinople. And we can only pray that the healthy (and dissident) parts of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, especially on Mt Athos, but also among faithful clergy and laity in many countries, will counter this new spiritual decadence.

However, let it be said that if the Patriarchate of Constantinople should fall into Uniatism and become a Roman Catholic colony altogether, as it has before, the 98% of the rest of the Orthodox Church will continue to follow the Orthodox Faith regardless of such philetist Phanariot isolationism. For today the Russian Orthodox Church is actually worldwide, not just in theory, and has friends everywhere. This text is a watershed, wake-up call to all Orthodox, who must decide whether they are on the side of apostasy or the Faith. Although some may fall away from the Church, the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Words not Actions

Today’s announcement of the opinion of Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk that the Orthodox Church and Roman Catholicism are not rivals but allies is to be welcomed. Certainly, embattled Roman Catholicism in the Western world desperately needs the support of the Russian Orthodox Church in the fight against Westernisation and so DeChristianisation. It does indeed therefore need to become an ally of the Orthodox Church instead of trying to destroy us, as it does throughout Eastern Europe and in the Middle East.

It is clear that as long as there exists a single Uniat (Greek Catholic), Roman Catholicism views the Orthodox Church as a rival, not as an ally, even to the point of supporting virulent atheism against the Russian Orthodox Church, as in the 1920s Soviet Union. We look forward to the day when the present Pope Francis announces the ending of the disastrous Uniat experiment and proselytisation which has poisoned relations between Roman Catholicism and the Orthodox Church for centuries. If you wish to become Roman Catholic, so joining a secularised and compromised form of the Orthodox Church, that is up to you. But Uniatism, the pretence of Orthodoxy, is simply dishonest and against all Christian sense of morality. After this has happened, we will welcome him as a penitent pilgrim to Holy Russia.

Today’s announcement from Constantinople that Patriarch Bartholomew has nothing to do with freemasons is also to be welcomed. This is the first denial of the rumours that have been so widespread about him for decades.

Unfortunately, it does not explain why there are so many clergy and laity freemasons in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, who unrepentently persecute us non-masons, and why yesterday Patriarch Bartholomew asked that Orthodox who wish to see the Church freed from the heresy of ecumenism change their minds.