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The Church: A Warm Sun or a Black Hole?

About five years ago I chanced to meet a group of three converts from the Baptist denomination to the Antiochian jurisdiction. Their first question to me was: ‘It is true that Non-Orthodox will burn in hell, isn’t it?’ To which I replied: ‘Ask God if He hates people as much as you do’.

The sad fact is, especially in these crazy days of rebaptism and ‘corrective baptism’, that there are those for whom the Church is like a black hole. It sucks in people and they disappear into the darkness. Apparently, there are people who like this. Such people do not belong to the Church, but to sociopathic or even psychopathic sects. Narcissism or sadism, whatever the problem may be, they have yet to get to the letter A of the Church alphabet and understand that the Church is not a washing-line on which to peg out their personal psychological problems. The Church is the place of Theology, that is to say, of the knowledge of the Word of God and His Love for us, not of the psychopathology of neophytes, even if by error they have been made priests and bishops.

For us, the Church is not a black hole, but the Warm Sun. From it comes Light and Warmth, for the Sun is an image of the Holy Trinity: The Sun is the Father, the Light (of the world) is Christ-God, and the Warmth is the Holy Spirit. The Sun sucks in no-one, but it radiates, for as it says, the rain falls on the good and the bad alike, and so also the sun shines on the good and the bad alike. This is why we totally reject the psychopathological idea of rebaptism. Those who have been baptised with water in the Name of the Holy Trinity, although outside the Orthodox Church, but have since come into contact with the grace of the Holy Spirit radiating out from the Church, the Body of Christ, have no need for the rite of baptism in the Name of the Holy Trinity to be repeated.

The same is true of the other sacrament forms of Roman Catholicism (Classic Protestantism only has one potential sacrament – baptism). They are all sacramental forms, potential sacraments. It is the Light and the Warmth of the Sun that renders them real. If you do not believe this, then please return to the sect from which you came. Or else please go and see a psychiatrist.