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The New White Russians

We are the New White Russians.

Unlike the Old White Russians of over 100 years ago, who were often only nominally Orthodox and sometimes even atheists, often Russian nationalists and opposed to the supranational Tsar, loved money more than their country and were morally decadent, we are Orthodox Christians, we are of various nationalities and live by traditional values and morals. We come from a time different to that where we live, but not necessarily from a place different to that where we live. You can recognise us because:

  1. We go to church and lead Church lives.
  2. We have strong links with the churches and monasteries in the lands once known as the Russian Empire and in lands beyond, indeed in all those lands in which we recognise the spirit of ‘Rus’.
  3. We are for the Tsar, whose martyred Family is our model and we seek the restoration of the Orthodox monarchy.
  4. We have family lives, believe in traditional male/female roles and have no confusion about who we are.
  5. Although we are social conservatives, we are for social justice for all, living in the realities of the here and now, not in some imaginary or idealised past.
  6. We are patriotic sovereignists, not money-grasping globalists, who exploit the peoples of the world.
  7. We respect others who live around us, but that does not mean that we agree with them, we simply live alongside them as good neighbours.
  8. We do not drink much, if any, alcohol, we do not smoke, take drugs, gamble, or have tattoos or piercings.
  9. Although we are not rich, we dress traditionally and rather well, at least compared to the local populations.
  10. We are waiting not for the dissolution of the USSR or for the appearance of the Russian Federation, which both happened over 30 years ago, but for the Resurrection of Orthodox Rus’ and the reconstitution of Her Church, without the errors of the past. Our Russia has thrown off the nominalism and social injustices of the Imperial period which began in 1721 and thrown off the violent persecutions of the alien Western atheism imported to create the USSR. Now Russia is fighting for the restoration of Rus’ and the consumerist Western companies which came to exploit Russia and her peoples in the 1990s are leaving Russia en masse. Russia can be left with the best of all those past periods, but above all with her more ancient history, with Orthodox Rus, wherein lie her roots and her future.