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On the Denazification of the West

Two Western ideologies, both engendered by the barbarization after the murderous First World War, marked the first half of the twentieth century. One was Communism, the other Nazism. Communism produced millions of victims in the former Russian Empire, more in the average single day than the number of criminals punished during the previous century of monarchy. Under the dual monsters, Lenin and Stalin, it is said that as many as ten million who disagreed with the ruling Communist ideology were killed, usually in the most brutal of conditions. Nazism was different from Communism in that it was a racist ideology which wanted to wipe many races off the face of the earth. Moreover, it murdered not 10 million, but in a far shorter space of time, some 40 million, the vast majority of whom were Slavs from the former Russian Empire.

However, Nazism, defined as ‘ethnic cleansing for the sake of exploitation by a race that considers itself superior’, stretches back centuries before the invention of the word. Thus, in the eleventh century the racial elite of the ‘Nazi’ Normans massacred their way through Sicily, southern Italy, England and then the whole of the British Isles, imposing feudal slavery on the ‘peasants’ as they went. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries ‘Nazi’ ‘crusaders’ massacred Jews, Orthodox Christians and Muslims from Spain to Germany, from Hungary to the Middle East, from the Baltics to Russia, from Egypt to Cyprus. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries ‘Nazi’ tribal chiefs or ‘kings’ created almost continual war in Western Europe: ‘Kill them all, God will know his own’.

In the sixteenth century ‘Nazi’ conquistadors massacred their way through what is now called Latin America in search of gold and created genocide in ‘religious wars’ in Western Europe in search of power. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ‘Nazi’ slave-traders massacred millions of Africans, casting their corpses into the Atlantic. In the nineteenth century ‘Nazi’ imperialists from Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Germany wreaked genocide for tens of millions among the native peoples of North America, Africa and Asia and cruelly exploited the working masses of Europe for the sake of lucre.

In the twentieth century ‘Nazi’ politicians from several countries created a first World War, massacring the peasant youth of Europe, caused a genocide of the Armenians, a Revolution and massacres in the former Russian Empire, then a second World War, annihilating 27 million Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians and millions of others in concentration camps, looting the gold and art treasures of Europe and dropping millions of bombs, including two Atomic bombs, on civilians. Then ‘Nazis’, now calling themselves ‘liberals’, created the abortion holocaust, burning tens of millions of baby corpses in hospital and clinic gas chambers, and raped the mineral resources of the ‘Third World’, causing worldwide ecological catastrophe.

And yet in November 2014 just three countries out of all the countries in the world, refused to condemn Nazism at the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee. They were of course the neocon-run bastions of ‘liberalism,’ the USA and Canada, and their vassal state and feudal puppet regime in the Ukraine. Little wonder:

In the Ukraine the US-created and Canadian-supported Neo-Nazi junta of pro-Western feudal oligarchs has massacred tens of thousands of Ukrainians, is starving the others, creating millions of refugees and has reduced a once prosperous economy to the level of that of Tajikistan.

In the Yemen (and in the Ukraine) the US is doing what it falsely accuses Russia of doing in the Ukraine – massacring and starving the local people and creating chaos.

Saudi Arabia, the great US ally and dictatorship, responsible for the 9/11 murders, has beheaded more of its own people since January 2014 than the US-created and Saudi and Qatari-financed IS has beheaded in its four years of vicious warfare in Syria. There hundreds of thousands are dead and millions of refugees live in catastrophic conditions.

Since the bombing of Libya and arming of terrorists by the ‘liberal’ allies of the US, the UK and France, hundreds of Libyan refugees, escaping the chaos so created, have drowned every week while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to safety in Italy in flimsy, terrorist-operated boats.

What is the link between Nazism and Liberalism? Nazism and Liberalism are simply the two sides of the same coin, the two wings of rival ideologies, vying for the prize of intolerance. They fought not because they were opposed, as they told the Western peoples, but because they both wanted absolute power and there was room for only one of them. Liberalism asserts:

‘I am against Nazism, but if you disagree with me, I will censor your words through your politically correct media which I control, I will assassinate you if you resist, I will bomb you back to the Stone Age until you agree to accept my rule over you and my right to exploit your natural resources and you will call this freedom and democracy, as I give you the choice between two self-interested puppets who come from the same privileged background and share the same anti-people cultural prejudices’. But this of course is also Nazism. The only difference would appear to be that Nazism murders Jews and ‘Liberalism’ protects Jews.

On Saturday 9 May 2015, there will be a great Victory Parade in Moscow on the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism and the entry of Russian troops into Berlin, liberating it from Nazism. Had the US-led Allied forces almost at the last moment, only eleven months before the end of the Second World War in June 1944, not landed in France, Russian troops would have liberated all of Western Europe as far as the Atlantic.

Today’s ‘Nazi’ liberal Western leaders are boycotting this Victory Parade in Moscow, bullying any European leader who wishes to attend it into staying at home. Perhaps on that day we should hold our own Victory Parade in London – I for one will go wearing my father’s medals which he earned fighting against Nazism. Such a Victory Parade will be a warning that we shall crush Nazism everywhere, including the Nazism that today dresses itself in the neocon clothes of Liberalism.