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Church dignitary likens NATO to “Fourth Reich”

Source: Tanjug

PODGORICA — SPC Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije has referred to the western military alliance NATO as “the Fourth Reich.”

The media in Podgorica are quoting him as saying that NATO represented “a continuation of fascism and a desire to rule the whole world.”

This dignitary of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) also appraised that it was good that the region was uniting “with Europe” – but noted that this should not happen “as part of NATO.”

“What is NATO’s reason of being? What is NATO, if not the Fourth Reich? What is it, if not a continuation of fascism and a desire to rule the whole world,” Amfilohije said, during a consecration ceremony for a renewed church near the town of Kolašin, northern Montenegro.

“We are going to Europe, but to contribute something, not only to beg around Europe. The first thing that Montenegro could do is to ask the NATO nations to disband the pact. That would be Montenegro’s contribution to Europe,” the media in Podgorica quoted the metropolitan as saying.

As for Kosovo and Metohija, he said the tyranny of Murad – the Ottoman Turkish leader killed during the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 – was “continuing” there:

“Now it is not Murad who is taking part in it, it is NATO, the EU, and the U.S., in other words, all those who continue with the tyrannies of the crusades, the Inquisition, Napoleon, and the Bolsheviks.”

“They defend human rights, and drop bombs on us, and call that a humanitarian bombing. Americans have built one of the largest military fortifications in the world in Kosovo, for humanitarian purposes. Our leaders need to think well. We should go to Europe, but to what kind? Europe such as it is – criminal, tyrannical, trampling on the poor – is that the Europe we need?,” Amfilohije asked.

Chomsky Says Germany Wants Hold on Greece


MIT Professor and philosopher Noam Chomsky told an audience in Dublin on April 3 in a speech entitled Solidarity and the Responsibility to Protect that he believes Germany wants to impose its will and economic slavery on Greece.

The American linguist, philosopher, political critic and activist said: “There are people in Germany who want to obtain whatever valuable has Greece, imposing conditions of economic slavery and psychological stress to Greeks”.

Chomsky suggested the creation of a common front in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy in order for the South to put a stop to the “inhuman demands of the North,, while he underlined that now there is a chance for this front to be created, because the anti-German sentiment is high.

Germany is the biggest contributor to $325 billion in two bailouts for Greece to keep the economy from collapsing, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted on unrelenting pay cuts, tax and slashed pensions, making her an enemy to many Greeks who have been pushed into poverty as a result.

Chomsky said he believed that Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s major opposition party the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) was correct in his assessment that Greece needed European assistance without harsh conditions and the same kind of help that was given to West Germany in 1953 to help its recovery.

Chomsky also criticized European Central Bank (ECB) chief Mario Draghi and the austerity-only policy of the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-ECB that he said are destroying the social fabric of Greece and other hard-hit EU economies.