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Bullying Again

The UK Vice-Prime Minister, Dominic Raab, has ‘resigned’ as a result of many complaints into his bullying – see extracts from the report into his behaviour below. It is clear that he did not behave as a Christian. The fact that he is Jewish is not the point. We know so-called ‘Christian’ bishops who bully in the same way and even worse and are actually supported by other clergy for their bullying! As for us, we have always belonged to the Persecuted Church and will never join a Persecuting Church.

Key report details 

Raab was ‘persistently aggressive’ in meeting

One complaint highlighted in the report centred around allegations that Mr Raab acted “in a way which was intimidating, in the sense of unreasonably and persistently aggressive” during a work meeting while foreign secretary.

“His conduct also involved an abuse or misuse of power in a way that undermines or humiliates,” the report added.

The report said Mr Raab went “beyond what was reasonably necessary in order to give effect to his decision and introduced a punitive element”.

Raab described work as ‘useless and woeful’

As justice secretary, Mr Raab acted in an “intimidating” manner when delivering critical feedback on work on a number of occasions, the report found.

The report cites one example where Mr Raab described some work as “utterly useless” and “woeful”.

The report concluded that his conduct was “abrasive” on some occasions which “feels intimidating or insulting to the individual but is not intended to be so”.

His conduct was not “abusive” and behaviour was not “intended and specifically targeted”, it added.

Raab’s gestures ‘not intended to be threatening’

It was claimed Mr Raab extended his hand “directly out towards another person’s face with a view to making them stop talking”. Loud banging on a table and finger-pointing were also among the complaints.

Mr Tolley KC concluded there was “significant scope for misunderstanding” over the physical gestures and he was not convinced Mr Raab used them in a threatening way.

Disciplinary threat ‘intimidating’

Mr Raab whilst at the Foreign Office, was said to have suggested those involved in a project had breached the Civil Service Code, so would have been in breach of their employment contracts.

Senior diplomat Sir Philip Barton told the investigation he had an informal meeting that he should threaten staff with the code.

The report found it had a “significant adverse effect” on a particular individual and Mr Raab’s conduct was “a form of intimidating behaviour”.

Mr Tolley concluded he did not intend to threaten anyone with disciplinary action, but should have known how his comments would be interpreted.


  • Mr Raab’s style was, in his own words, “inquisitorial, direct, impatient and fastidious”