Daily Archives: April 25, 2014

Why There Will be no World War III Yet

The atheist US elite wants to start World War III in the Ukraine, which it has spent 5 billion dollars destabilising and undermining. With a bankrupt economy, such a war would be the ideal solution for the US military-industrial complex run by the neocons. However, nobody in the international community wants it, neither the Russia Federation, nor China, nor India, nor anyone else, including even the war-weary, German-run European Union. Although the illegal US-funded, head puppet in Kiev, Arseniy Yatsenyuk (called ‘Yats’ by his US neocon puppeteers), has unleashed a civil war against the Ukrainain people, he also wants a World War, but he will not get it. Why?

It is now fifteen years since atheist NATO forces bombed Belgrade, murdering and maiming innocent Serbs, and dismembering Serbia. It is six years since the atheist US tried to take over Christian Georgia and invade Christian Russia – and failed. Since then it has gone on to tear apart and persecute Christians in once relatively prosperous Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria, where the capital Damascus, seat of the Patriarchate of Antioch is in ruins and Christian flee for their lives from Muslim fanatics, armed, funded and supported by the atheist West.

Now the US and EU elite is trying to destroy the Christian Ukraine, where the anti-Orthodox Kievan fanatics, who seized power from the democratically-elected government two months ago, have sent, on US advice, a reluctant army, backed by US mercenaries, to slaughter Ukrainian citizens in the New Russian east of the country. The situation in the Carpatho-Russian (Transcarpathian) south-west and Little Russian north is not so different. Only the people of now Russian Crimea are safe from the ravages of the CIA-controlled, separatist junta in Kiev which is now escalating tensions all over the Ukraine.

The bullying bombast, threats and blackmail coming from Washington have isolated the atheist USA elite from the international community as never before. But however much the pathetic propagandists of the venal Western media scream about a Third World War, to terrify and intimidate the naive Western public and demonise Russia, it is not to be. However many warships with missiles the Washington elite sends into the Black Sea, there will be no Third World War. Whatever the devilish scenario dreamed up by the atheist neocons for the Christian Ukraine, there will be no Third World War there. The atheists will bring Antichrist to power otherwise.