Truth and Mercy: The Twentieth Century is At Last Over

The chimes of Big Ben. London speaking. This is the BBC. Here is the news at 6.00 pm on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

The conflagration that was spread by Western invasions and occupations throughout Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the former Ukraine since the start of the calendar millennium is now extinguished. All these countries are now at peace, as new members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). This brings the total number of its member-countries to 33, not including newly-united Korea, Japan, China, India and Thailand, which are still only associate members and await accession next year. Their accession will mean that over 35% of the world population will belong to the EEU, which was only founded three years ago.

Its members, in order of accession, are: The Russian Empire (formerly the Russian Federation), Kazakhstan, Belarus (the three founder-members), Novorossiya (in Soviet and capitalist times known as southern and eastern Ukraine), Malorossiya (in Soviet and capitalist times known as central and northern Ukraine), Carpathian Rus or Ruthenia (known in Soviet and capitalist times as Transcarpathian Ukraine), Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan. Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia, Iran, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile in Berlin, the German Chancellor has complained about the presence of thousands of refugee CIA spies and mercenaries in Galicia and the huge cost for Germany of denazifying and absorbing bankrupt Galicia (formerly north-western Ukraine, formerly Poland, formerly part of Austria-Hungary) into the ageing EU population. (We remind our listeners that the EU offices in Brussels were closed and demolished after the transfer of the EU bureaucracy to Berlin nine months ago, following the collapse of the Belgian government and the division of its territory between France, the Netherlands and Germany).

In strike-bound Paris the elderly and ill French Socialist President has in mitigation pointed out that several poorer countries, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, had all left the ailing EU to join the Eurasian Economic Union. He also pleaded with Berlin for loans of 40 billion euros to prop up the French economy, which is now unable to pay its pension burden in full. In south-western Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal have all stated that they will leave the EU and form the LEU (Latin Economic Union), if Germany does not abandon the euro, which has proved to be what they called a ‘Calvinist straitjacket’ for their economies. In France a spokeswoman for the National Front, which has just over 45% of the popular vote, said that it was time for France ‘to stop being a German colony and join the future LEU, so taking up her rightful place and destiny in the Latin world’.

Meanwhile, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Lands, Austria, newly-independent Scotland, newly-united Ireland, Finland, Sweden and Denmark have issued a joint statement, saying that they are about to enter into ‘serious negotiations’ on joining the EEU next year. These are aimed at regaining their sovereignty and freedom by quitting the EU. We remind listeners that Iceland, Greenland and Norway have already joined the EEU. Representatives of all these countries stated that last year’s transfer to Berlin of Lenin’s mummy and the construction of a mausoleum for him as ‘a hero of European thought’ in the German capital had been ‘the last straw’ for their patience.

Poland is also deeply divided on this issue, with Catholic and nationalist sections of the population now very hostile to Germany and its EU Reich, which is supported in Poland only by atheists and secularists. In Rome the much discredited and diminished pro-EU Papacy, weakened by years of moral and financial scandals and under pressure from Berlin, is hesitant about which side to support. The Anti-Calvinist League and pro-Freedom Party in Germany itself, especially in Bavaria, Mecklenburg, Pomerania and Saxony, also wants to leave the EU and abandon the euro, whose imposition by the German industrial and banking elite it considers to have been a catastrophe for the German peoples.

We should recall that England and Wales have finally been allowed to hold their referendum on leaving the remnants of the EU this September, three months before Wales is to hold its own keenly supported referendum on independence from England. Opinion polls show that the anti-EU and pro-English ‘Freedom and Sovereignty’ campaign, headed by the Free England Now (FEN) movement, can expect to obtain at least 75% of the vote in the anti-EU referendum. Plans are being drawn up for the House of Commons to become the new English Parliament and to build a centre for the Inter-Isle Council on the Isle of Man, from where all four countries of the future Island Confederation of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales can be seen.

Elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, the civil war in Turkey which began after the fall of the much hated American puppet government there last year has ended with the country being divided into three different countries: Rom (formerly Turkey in Europe), Asia Minor and Kurdistan. Transfers of populations are already under way. The new people’s governments in Libya, Bahrein and Saudi Arabia have released the many who had been imprisoned by the hated regimes there and begun trying representatives of those regimes for treason, murder and torture. Meanwhile, in the Far East, the virtually peaceful Chinese takeover of Taiwan is now complete and Tibet has been granted independence.

In North America, it is still not clear how Washington will react to oil-rich Alaska’s vote to rejoin the Russian Empire. After all, its bid for freedom is strictly constitutional. In general, the now bankrupt US administration, a pariah State hit hard by EEU sanctions for its trampling of human rights internationally, seems to have been paralysed by infighting. This began when the Chinese yuan became the world reserve currency two years ago, thus displacing the dollar just over 70 years after the Bretton-Woods accords came into force. In the southern US the pro-Confederation Anti-Tyranny Leage (ATL) has called for a vote for the Free South on leaving the Union, as in Alaska.

However, today all eyes have been on Moscow, where at 10.00 local time this morning the Coronation and Patriarchal Anointing of Tsar Nicholas III took place in the Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour. Some 180 world leaders gathered there, with every single country from the EEU as well as from Asia, Africa and Latin America represented. Only 19 of the remaining 22 EU countries (Hungary, Slovakia and Finland excepted) and the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have not sent representatives or else not been invited. This was the result of their disastrous support for war crimes in the bitter, two-year long Ukrainian civil war. This ended last year after the collapse of the neo-Nazi junta in Kiev, support for which completely discredited and isolated the West from the international community.

After his Coronation Tsar Nicholas made a speech at a Lenten reception in the Kremlin, saying that ‘today, with the restoration of the Sovereignty of Russia, the real twentieth century, which began not in 1901, but in 1914, a century of unheard of Western barbarity, wars, slaughter and dictatorships, is now over’. He announced a five-year programme to build 100,000 churches worldwide, 60,000 in the Russian Empire, 20,000 in other EEU countries, 19,000 in Asia, Latin America and Africa and 1,000 in the Western world. He explained that ‘repentance for the 20th century could only take place on our knees’, He also announced large subsidies, generated from the new oligarch tax, for tens of millions of Russians to repopulate the countryside and made clear his view that Russia’s destiny was to become ‘the organic breadbasket of the world’.

In his speech Tsar Nicholas generously called for ‘truth and mercy’ for all the peoples of the world who for a millennium had been oppressed by colonialism. He advanced his hopes for ‘a new, just and independent International Court in the Hague’ to try the war criminals who had ‘bombed Serbia, supplied arms to Islamic terrorists in Kosovo, invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, bombed Libya and trained and armed terrorists in Syria’. No news has been heard from Anthony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the former UK, who is believed to be in hiding with Establishment cronies who are holed up on a ranch in Texas.

Tsar Nicholas’ words were greeted enthusiastically by all present at the reception, especially by Indians, Ethiopians, Tibetans, Thais, Serbs, Syrians, the representatives of the new Palestinian State centred in East Jerusalem and the assembled chiefs of the native North American tribes, all present in Moscow for the celebrations. Notably, the Chief of the Sioux Nation, Chief Whistling-Wind-that-Speaks-the-Truth, spoke of historic injustices against his peoples being righted. Prominent in Moscow too are former Buddhists from Mongolia and South-East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) and former Catholics from Cuba, the Philippines and Maya areas in Central America, who have all been baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church in recent times.

With Tsar Nicholas’ enthronement the world breathes again with relief and an age of truth and mercy dawns at last. Now is the time for home truths, but also for the compassionate understanding that those responsible for the errors of the last millennium, and especially of the last century, and its human suffering have themselves only been foolish and deceived pawns in Satan’s hands. Further developments are imminent.