Thousands Die in the Ukraine as ‘Europe Sets a Concrete Example of Life Without Christ’

The Western media report only what its leaders want them to report, for example, the strife which the West has caused in Iraq, where, also unreported by the Western media, Christians are being obliterated, as in Syria. However, in Europe, censored by European media, the genocide continues in the Ukraine. A few days ago a junta aeroplane with 49 foreign (EU and US nationals) mercenaries, paid for by corrupt oligarchs, was shot down by Ukrainian freedom-fighters, most of them Christian patriots. In the war, directed from training camps in Poland which is run as a colony by NATO, whose armed masses and fleet now threaten Russia, three days ago 250 died, two days ago 49 and today more than 100.

Orthodox priests are fleeing the Ukraine for Russia as heterodox and schismatics, their clerical leaders included, openly threaten to kill them and destroy their churches. This reminds us that the present borders of the Ukraine have existed for less than a generation and it basically consists of south-eastern Poland joined to south-western Russia. It is then an artificial construct (like EU Europe), created by the monstrous atheist dictators Lenin and Stalin, who were imposed on Christian Russia by the West in 1917 by overthrowing the Tsar. Today, 19 June, Metropolitan Onufry, the Locum Tenens of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, has called for peace and spoken against the atheist EU, which caused all the problems in the Ukraine.

In an interview with the Interfax news agency the Metropolitan spoke of the Ukraine as a ‘buffer zone’ between the Christian world and the Western world. He spoke of current morality in Europe which ‘would bring no good to the Ukraine’. ‘Europe sets us a concrete example of life without Christ. It pays no attention to the Lord’s commandments and what He forbade. On the contrary, it promotes permissiveness, according to which life is guided by human desires and not the Law of God. This is the wrong path… not all human desires are holy…Today the world is basically divided into two camps: one camp consists of people who strive to keep in force and reality moral laws, given to humanity by God for its benefit’.

He continued: ‘However, the second camp tramples down those laws. For example God blessed man and woman, Adam and Eve, in marriage. Not two Adams, not two Eves’. The Metropolitan, who only a few years ago visited us in London, also pointed to the legalization in Europe of single-sex marriage, euthanasia, which he called ‘the legalization of the sin of suicide’, and abortion. ‘If nobody is left on earth to keep the Divine order of life, then human life is doomed and humanity is headed for self-destruction. The laws, which the new European world offers us today, are not acceptable. We cannot collaborate with and join this world. We should keep our unity with those who adhere to Divine law.’

19 June 2014. My grandfather’s 120th birthday. He, born on 19 June, possessed both morality and common sense. As a soldier he took part in the liberation of Baghdad and Jerusalem. Reader, please pray for the repose of Henry.