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The Ten Protocols of the Sanhedrin

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be therefore as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues.

Matt. 10, 16-17

Not even wild beasts are as hostile to men as Christian sects.

Ammianus Marcellinus, historian, (c. 330 – c. 391)

At the end of thy life, O holy hierarch, thou wast called to the New World to offer there thy witness to ancient Christianity and to suffer persecution for thy righteousness…Rejoice, thou who didst keep thy faith and courage in the midst of unjust persecution!

Akathist to St John of Shanghai, Kontakion and Ikos 8

Now that all is under new management following the final phase of our long-planned takeover, all the godfathers of our One True Church are present at our meeting today. Guided by our glorious leader, whose identity must remain secret, we, the princes of the Church, have unanimously drawn up the following Business Plan to cleanse the Church by 2030. The Plan must remain secret. Any of us who disclose it will have their own secrets published on the internet and we all know what they are. We, the select members of the Sanhedrin, solemnly declare that:

  1. We have no faith, that is for the weak and naïve. But we have our ideology. All brothers must swear allegiance to this ideology, which is contained in the secret nationalist manifesto of the Republican Party, to which we all belong heart and soul.
  2. From our centre here, we will stamp out any diversity, so that all will fall under our centralised and total control. All must learn to speak our American language and obey the strict directives, rules and regulations prescribed by our Republican values.
  3. The territory subject to our control is defined as that part of the world directly controlled by the USA, our vassals in North America, Australia, Western Europe and associated islands and colonial outposts in Haiti, New Zealand etc. We do not need any representatives elsewhere. There is no money in them and we do not want any who are not Americanised, as they will not give us the unconditional obedience that we demand.
  4. Our objective is to take possession of all the properties of our servants, removing them from them, and to tax all those servants who will soon be under our absolute control, so that we can live in luxury, like our colleagues elsewhere. We are, after all, princes of the Church and deserve to live in this way.
  5. We may well have to wait for some of our elderly servants to die out, though some of them can simply be pensioned off and others slandered. However, others who are younger and more stubborn must also be eliminated. They will be replaced by the naïve, new and ignorant, whom we will create. Knowing even less than we do, the latter can be easily manipulated and will be willing to swear a solemn oath of allegiance to our control. If they refuse, we will accuse them of disobedience to the canons and then take pleasure in destroying them.
  6. All those to be subjected to our absolute rule will be betrayed, bullied, intimidated and threatened until they submit. Weak and cowardly souls will soon give up. A useful technique here is anger. Lose your temper, shout, show spectacular rudeness and contempt for those who have laboured for decades without reward. In this respect, all godfathers must take a course in order to learn how to gaslight successfully. Since we alone form the One True Church, we can easily make our victims feel guilty for not being perfect, as we are. All we have to do is to repeat constantly that there is no grace outside our One True Church.
  7. We will always transfer our own faults to our victims. If, for example, we implement our schisms from all the Local Churches which we dislike, as we soon will, we must accuse them of being schismatics, if we embezzle money, we must accuse them of embezzlement, if we forge signatures, we must accuse them of forging signatures etc.
  8. In general, we believe in our old adage, that if you throw enough mud at others, eventually some of it may stick. Slander is our greatest weapon.
  9. Any who resist us and show us up as fakes will be told that they are nothing in this world and that they will burn in hell for all eternity. It is essential to destroy all of them, so that our power will be total.
  10. Finally, all of us must repeat daily our old mantra: ‘Quench the Spirit’. The ultimate heresy is belief in the Holy Spirit, which wildly claims that we princes of the Church are not in full control and that there is some Holy Spirit Who is in control. We must eliminate and quash this absurd heresy of the Holy Spirit, as soon as it appears, citing the canons or anything else that we can misinterpret.

The Sanhedrin, Central Command and Control, USA, 22 August 2018

(Leaked on 22 August 2023)