Our Church

In the largest Russian Orthodox Church in the British Isles:

Our Patriarch is Mordovan.

Our Metropolitan is Canadian.

Our Archbishop is German.

Our priest is English.

Our deacon is Romanian, married to a Latvian.

Our choir-director is French, but born in Africa.

Our visiting priest is a New Zealander.

Our main server is half-Russian, half-Chuvash, with Australian nationality.

Our oldest parishioner is half-Maltese, half-Irish.

Our boys’ construction club founder is Slovak, her nephews and nieces are half-Indian, half-Romanian.

Our beekeeper is Bulgarian.

Our altar boys are half-Italian, half-Russian / half-Ukrainian, half-English / half Guinean and half-Moldovan.

Our benefactors are English, Belgian, German, Venezuelan, Russian and Alaskan.

You are Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, English, Moldovan, Lithuanian, Greek, Latvian, Estonian, Cypriot, Syrian, Carpatho-Russian, Polish, Turkish, Scottish, Italian, French, Australian.

We are united by One Faith. Your parish is Colchester!